By RAM Tracking on 20 Dec 2017

Article by: Legal Expert: Giles Ward, Senior Partner, Milners Solicitors

One major change in legislation came into force in March 2017; the penalties for holding and using phone while driving ceased and if caught, you now face an immediate 6 points and a £200 fine. So how many of us still think it is acceptable to program a sat nav whilst in control of our vehicle? How many of us realise that it is actually illegal to have your phone in your hand when your car is stationary but the engine is running? Legislation is tightening up and it is now more important than ever to ensure you take the necessary precautions to avoid subjecting yourself to licence points, fines and potentially criminal prosecution.

This is a particularly prudent predicament to find yourself in if you are in charge of vehicle fleets and vehicle management. Your fleet is likely on the road all day every day. You employ staff to provide a service to your customers and to deliver that service your employees have to be on the road, not for texting and driving. So how can you minimise the risk of one of your employees falling foul of the strict legislation we are now subject to? The bigger your fleet, the greater the risk you face as a company. It is your company that could lose one of its drivers if the 6 points registered pushes your driver over the limit and he/she loses their driving licence. As a worst case scenario, your driver could be so distracted by his/her mobile phone that a life is lost as a result.  Where does that leave your company and what would you do about it when it’s too late?

It’s safe to say, you don’t want to lose an employee, subject your employee to points or suffer a fine because of something that was entirely preventable. Vehicle tracking services, such as RAM Tracking can be integrated so as to assist with everyday necessities such as navigation via phone call, taking all the hazards of a hand held mobile phone away. Similarly, RAM Tracking can provide statistical analysis and assist in taking a proactive approach towards vehicle fleet management. Managing your fleet effectively can significantly reduce the risk you face as a corporation on a daily basis. You may have every faith in your employees and trust that they aren’t putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk, but why take the chance? 

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