By RAM Tracking on 5 Oct 2022

Vehicle tracking software is a solution that is taking many industries by storm, allowing businesses to keep track of their vehicles and find out more about how they are being used. This can help to help improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of their company.

While many businesses use vehicle tracking software to track their own vehicles and drivers, the vehicle rental industry uses it slightly differently. Here is why a car rental or lease company should utilise vehicle tracking software.

Vehicle Location

You want to ensure your vehicles aren’t lost when they’ve been rented or leased from you. GPS tracking can help you do just that, using GPS technology to keep track of the vehicles, whether they’re stationary or on the move. This is especially key if your contract stipulates certain things, such as the distance the car has travelled. You can easily see if the car has gone beyond the agreed distance or is about to break a rule of the contract.

You can have accurate mileage reports that will remind the driver/customer of any mileage limits that were agreed upon or inform them if they have gone outside the contract remit. You can also track the car if you think a person has decided to steal the car instead of returning it.

Driver Reports

When renting or leasing a car, you are putting a lot of trust into that person, hoping they don’t betray the trust and somehow damage the vehicle or use it incorrectly. Automatic reporting can generate exactly how a person is using the vehicle - for instance, if they are driving dangerously or acting in a way that would damage the vehicle. This includes speeding, fuel consumption and more.

After they return the vehicle, you can present them with the report to show how they have been driving, and use this as evidence to withhold a deposit if they have been treating the vehicle badly.

Private Mileage

If you’re leasing or renting your vehicles out for a specific purpose, you want to ensure this is upheld. If you are leasing or renting a vehicle for work purposes, you want to know that the vehicle is only being used for this function, or it violates the contract. With vehicle tracking, you can see whether the vehicle is being used outside normal work hours, or the driving patterns indicate it is being used for casual use, such as going to a shopping centre.

Car Tracking Devices from RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking has helped customers who offer rental and leasing by providing them with award-winning vehicle tracking for their cars. This allows a company to see their vehicle locations, generate driver reports, find out information about mileage and get alerts if anything is wrong.


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