By RAM Tracking on 9 Jan 2020

2020 marks the start of a brand-new decade and looking at how far vehicle tracking (fleet management software) has come in the last 10 years, here are a few things to summarise it’s use, benefits and how it has revolutionised businesses around the world.

Gone are the days where you relied on an individual to submit information to manually analyse data to gain an overview of how your business is performing, with the arrival of the digital age, information is now easily accessible at the touch of your finger tips which gives you a more comprehensive picture of how your business is performing.

Maximise efficiency, compliance and safety

Technology today offers real-time data which gives any fleet operators a wealth of information that can be used to make business decisions. The main benefits of such insights provide safety, compliance and sustainability to a business. Also allowing any potential problems to be identified which can be dealt with to reduce the likelihood of it becoming a bigger issue.

With recent years especially, technology has become a vital part of many businesses as it gives much better and more manageable data to help plan and implement strategic aims. Its all about providing the fleet operators get a better grasp and control over the entire fleet’s operations.

The right system for a fleet operator should be easy to use and integrate seamlessly with your business, reducing the amount of manual data input with little training required.

More often than not, technologies that improve operational efficiencies require an initial investment for implementation. However, if the right system is implemented, it should give added value to the business by providing a greater Return on Investment (ROI) than the initial outlay. Successful business cases will typically be along the lines of efficiency improvements by quantifying the amount of administrative time saved as well as making the processes more robust.

Vehicle tracking can generally identify quite easily any high cost running or rogue vehicles which causes anomalies in the data, identifying these early can reduce fuel costs as well as maximising the productivity of your vehicles.


Reduce paperwork

With many businesses including a ‘Green’ approach in their business strategies, it is no surprise that they have adapted this approach as fleet management software reduces the need to have physical copies of data input. With reduced amount of paperwork, the fleet operators can concentrate more on areas of strategic planning and less time on analysing the data coming in.

Vehicle tracking solutions such as RAM Tracking act as a centre of operations for any businesses running a fleet of vehicles; helping fleet operators process the large array of data flooding in to become manageable snippets of information for easy digestion. Software such as this will sort, organise, structure and filter the information which can be automated to help report intricate data in simple formats.

From the initial purchase, lease or rental of a vehicle, if fleet operators had to manually track monthly repayments, renewal, MOT and servicing dates as well as tax and insurance for a vehicle, it is almost impossible if all you had to rely on are paper copies and spreadsheets even for a small fleet. RAM’s automated notifications and reminders will help you manage all of the above with little initial set up.


RAM Tracking takes the environmentally friendly approach therefore all the information provided by our vehicle tracking system down to the notifications are provided to you electronically.

All the information are stored on a cloud based server, your username and password provides you access to any of that information at any given time so it’s now more accessible than ever, you can quickly and easily filter through the data to retrieve the information you are looking for, additional to that, this also helps you reduce the amount of clutter in the office.

RAM Tracking’s environmentally friendly stance doesn’t limit your options. the information is available to download at hand should you choose.



In short, from the days of utilising typewriters, flipcharts and clock-in cards to analyse vehicle data, fleet management software has revolutionised the fleet operating industry whether you have 1 or 1,000 vehicles making it more efficient in every aspect.

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