By RAM Tracking on 7 Mar 2019

It can help eliminate paperwork oversights

Just running your own personal car can flag up potential issues when it comes to paperwork.

  • When does it need a service?
  • When will the MOT be due?
  • Does it need taxing or anything else happening to it?
  • What about insurance renewals?

That could all be admin we face for our personal vehicles, so when you have a whole fleet to manage, you can imagine the paperwork could be excessive with things to remember. A vehicle tracking system is a great way to monitor driver speeds and the whereabouts of a vehicle, but it can also alert fleet managers as and when all of the above needs to happen.

Missing servicing can have a major effect on the value of a vehicle. A missed MOT could incur serious fines when caught and even invalidate your insurance policy. Which, of course, affects your business financially. At least you will have alerts in place to monitor the vehicle requirements and their running costs.

Avoids any mismanagements with work logs

Some drivers you have employed will work on the basis of miles driven and not hours worked. It can often workout as a better arrangement for both the company and the driver involved. However, a log book being the responsibility of a driver could mean that records are not 100% accurate.

While you will never want to assume that drivers you have working for you would falsify records, some people have been known to include more miles on their logs to increase the payment due to them. This is why a vehicle tracking system could eliminate this element of paperwork for the fleet manager as well as the driver. All miles completed would be recorded, as well as the time and date they were performed. Therefore creating accurate and electronic logs ready for payment due to drivers.

Electronically record deliveries and workload

Many businesses are hoping to go paperless at some point forming part of a strategy to become more environmentally friendly, this is where a vehicle tracking system could come in handy. Not only does it enable you the opportunity to eliminate paper records and have miles and driver records recorded electronically, it could help form part of an online management system for your customers in regards to delivery methods, timings, and of course, confirmation of receipt of goods.

Having all of this recorded electronically can help resolve future issues, or be used as data to analyse for further information needed to run your business in the future.

There are many benefits to vehicle tracking systems, but less paperwork frees up more time to do other things within the business. Which could be far more beneficial in the future. 

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