What COVID-19 changes should your business keep?

What COVID-19 changes should your business keep?

What COVID-19 changes should your business keep?

By RAM Tracking on 19 May 2020

As we start to hear the Government talk about a roadmap out of lockdown and  British Chambers of Commerce survey suggesting companies could get back to work with just three weeks’ notice, it’s the perfect time to think about the changes that have been forced on businesses and which ones we want to keep.

Lots of businesses made a raft of changes with very little time to make sure they were made the right way, so now is the opportunity to consider which ones need to stay, and what support you need to make sure they have a positive impact on your business in the future.


Working remotely

During the lockdown, your office-based teams might have been forced to do a lot of work from home. The inevitable home-work life juggle might also have meant you relaxed working hours so that people could work around what else they had going on.

If you intend to continue to let some of your teams work from home, have they got access to all the systems they need? Are your systems cloud-based so they can be accessed from anywhere, or do you have some which need people to be sitting at a specific computer? How will you keep track of when and where your team is working – will you need new systems for that?


Flexible working out and about

Even though working in the field is likely to have been incredibly limited during lockdown – with only emergency engineer call-outs and other essential work such as deliveries strictly allowed – you might have made changes to routines that you think should stay.

And with the push to adjust working hours to avoid the traditional rush-hour congestion, your field-based teams might need to work different hours once they are allowed back on the road. Are you set up to keep track of when and where they are traveling? Can you give customers accurate information about when their engineer will arrive, and can you keep track of your team’s hours to make sure everyone is fulfilling their obligations?


A contactless world

We’re now used to the knock on the door and a person being standing several metres away when we open it. People don’t want to sign a piece of paper with a pen or use their finger to sign on a tablet that twenty other people may have already handled that day.

With contactless now the norm and looking like one of the changes that will have to stay, what systems and processes do you need to update to make sure you have the information you need? That could be the ability to prove an engineer did attend site to make a repair, even though they didn’t see anyone, or signing people into and out of sites.

If you’re in construction, you might be interested that Bewley Homes are holding back from restarting work until they can solve the issues a post-lockdown world will present. They have created digital site inductions which workers will complete at home and will be getting rid of the old ways to sign in to sites – whether that was with a pen or a fingerprint – and are making that process entirely digital too. Other changes like how to make sure workers can be two metres apart and what that means for the way people move around sites are also being carefully worked through. What are the implications for your business if we have to continue with social distancing?


Supporting you through change

Everything is up for grabs right now and we all have a chance to create our business’s “new normal”. Clients and team members will be more willing than ever to accept changes as the new business, as usual, the trick is being in a position to confidently know which ones you want to make.

RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking options give you real-time information about where your team is, where they have been, and how long they have been traveling. As a cloud-based system, the information is at your fingertips wherever you’re working from – we have produced both online and app-based versions. It can deliver scheduled alerts, help differentiate between business and private mileage, and produce reports to help you report to clients, or just keep track of your internal information.

RAM Assist is our smart app containing a host of features useful for a post-lockdown world. Use it to take a geo-located picture to prove delivery has been made or a repair completed. Drivers can quickly report accidents, with a checklist prompting them to gather relevant information and evidence – including sound and photos – that will help claims be processed quicker. There’s a vehicle check prompt so you can be sure your vehicles are roadworthy – something that remains the owner’s liability even if you aren’t the regular driver – and it’s easy to log mileage and fuel purchases, all in one place.


We’re making RAM Assist free for the free until July 2020 so businesses can use it to help get back up and running quickly.

With cash being even more important as businesses try to recover from the enforced pause, why not do the maths on how our tools could help your business save money? But if you’re ready to sign up now, get in touch by calling one of our friendly team a call on 0330 100 3622.

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