By RAM Tracking on 12 Sep 2022

What Happens If I’m Caught Speeding?

Using sophisticated telematics, fleet vehicles are now installed with vehicle tracking systems to keep a record of a vehicle's location, speed and more. Vehicle tracking for business applications is designed to reduce speeding, eliminate accidents, ensure compliance with various regulations, and keep other road users and pedestrians safe.

Below, we take a closer look at vehicle tracking systems, breaking down what happens if you’re caught speeding in a fleet vehicle.

Dangerous driving behaviour

Speeding may appear to be the answer to “how do I get to my destination faster?”, with drivers putting their foot to the floor in an effort to be more efficient, but this is likely the worst decision you could make. Speeding is dangerous and illegal; putting other drivers and yourself at risk is not worth how quickly you arrive at your destination.

This dangerous driving habit hugely increases the chances of an accident that could be devastating to countless parties, including your business. Fleet vehicles can be out of action for an unknown length of time if an accident occurs, which can cost you thousands in both lost business and the vehicle repair cost.

You may also be faced with the possibility of having to pay compensation or legal fees, should other parties be harmed in the accident. Additionally, driving bans or points on your driver’s licence can be damaging to both individual drivers and the business as a whole.

Damage to your business’ reputation

Your driver represents your business when they're on the road. If they cause an accident or have been found speeding whilst they have branding on their vehicle, this will reflect poorly on your business.

Increase costs

Not only will your business have to deal with the costs involved with any maintenance work on a vehicle that has been involved in an accident whilst speeding, but your overall insurance premiums will rise. Speeding convictions will impact your insurance premium as a driver, costing more in the long run than your business would likely be comfortable with.

At an additional cost, speeding will also naturally reduce the lifespan of your vehicle, requiring more energy and effort on the vehicle parts that may then require additional maintenance, repairs or replacement.


Looking for commercial vehicle tracking systems?  At RAM Tracking, our vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology, enabling our customers to monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles at all times and track vehicle speed. Our software records location, distance covered and time, which means that we’re able to calculate vehicle speed and what road they were travelling on. Get in touch with us today to arrange a demo

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