By RAM Tracking on 28 Nov 2022

Why Do Companies Need a Building Maintenance Fleet Tracking System?

Successfully running a business requires effectively managing both internal and external factors. From working in different departments to complying with government regulations, organisations have to ensure all operations run smoothly. However, one added responsibility often overlooked by manufacturing and industrial units is taking care of building maintenance. Building maintenance is critical as it ensures that all machinery and equipment are running optimally.

If maintenance issues are left unresolved, organisations might incur higher costs causing there to be a dangerous working environment. But the management of maintenance tasks is daunting as it involves lots of assets and equipment, and managers manually address issues.

Service providers can use a building maintenance tracker to plan, track, measure, and streamline everything related to maintenance through a centralised and digital platform. Building maintenance fleet tracking optimises several processes, including assets and vehicles, by eliminating manual paperwork and making builders’ jobs easier and more efficient.

Preventive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime brings operations to a grinding halt and can burn a hole in the company’s pockets. Indeed, it is challenging to predict malfunctions, and manually following maintenance schedules is erroneous.

Time tracking for building maintenance helps to adopt a proactive approach by collecting data about maintenance and equipment usage and automates scheduling maintenance. Building maintenance time tracking sends time-based alerts to managers and technicians so that nobody forgets about a job. This helps to fix problems before they occur, reduces expenses, and keep workers updated about their schedule and each job. Builders can ensure regular and effective service and speed up workflows as they get a holistic view of all operations.

Efficient Workflows

Managers can now ensure efficient workflows without any hitch with building maintenance productivity tracking. Job management software for building maintenance allows managers to schedule, assign, and manage jobs from a single dashboard. Building maintenance jobs trackers helps managers see each job’s progress in real-time from one place and coordinate with the field team easily.

The field team can view and receive all job details from the job management mobile app. They can update job details, initiate work orders, and access documentation from the app, increasing flexibility and responsiveness. This way, time tracking for building maintenance workers fosters seamless collaboration between the management and field team, improving communication, speeding up job completion, increasing productivity, and saving budget resources.

Equipment and Vehicle Tracking

The field team cannot function without their tools and equipment, and it is critical that they carry the right set of tools for the right job. If equipment management is disorganised, workers can spend a lot of time finding the tools. Building maintenance asset tracking enables the team to track the assets they need in real-time and use the tools they want to get the work started. Asset tracking for building maintenance ensures that nothing is taken off-site without the permission of the manager.

This way, building maintenance cost tracking allows managers to accurately maintain the inventory, quickly onboard the tools without wasting time finding them, and deliver on-time services.

Additionally, building maintenance vehicle tracking enables managers to track the real-time location of the field team’s vehicle and assess workers’ work hours accurately. Vehicle tracking for building maintenance alongside the utilisation of RAM Tracking uses the location details and dispatches the nearest team to the job, effectively handling unexpected downtime or rush orders.

Reduce Paperwork

The field team can spend a lot of time manually creating work orders on excel sheets and printing a hundred copies to share with all stakeholders. Instead of reaching the job site, the team will be at the office hunting for the required file, squandering valuable time. Our job management software for building maintenance incorporates all maintenance data in a single database and makes accessing data easy, helping them complete more jobs in a week without delay.

From service warranties and job sheets to invoices and customer details, workers and managers can access information from the web portal or mobile app. Additionally, building maintenance labour tracking makes compliance easily accountable and decreases the risk of noncompliance penalties.

Workers can even process invoices at the job site and encourage faster payments, increasing cash flow. They can avoid returning to the office to submit documentation and update managers about job completion. They can do everything from the mobile app and eliminate human errors, reducing admin workload and helping them do their work without interruption.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customers who receive prompt and efficient services will likely stay with you. Our building maintenance job management software streamlines maintenance management operations by tracking the activities of workers, calculating expenses, and wisely allocating resources. By removing manual elements, the building maintenance tracker automates processes and improves scheduling and record keeping, increasing overall productivity.

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