Will you be kissing in the car this Valentine’s Day?

Will you be kissing in the car this Valentine’s Day?

By RAM Tracking on 14 Feb 2013

Although if you don’t have that special someone to share an in-car smooch with today, but you’re still feeling the love, perhaps you might flirt with a fellow motorist? The statistics also revealed that the average person will FLIRT WITH FELLOW MOTORISTS 55 TIMES.

Perhaps you’ve spent your morning listening to your favourite radios stations classic love song playlist, as we each spend a total 384 DAYS LISTENING TO THE RADIO, today being the one day a year where you can enjoy singing along to Marvin Gay without feeling guilty.

Maybe you’ll put being stuck on that gridlocked road to good use and prepare for that hot date by beautifying yourself; the average lady driver will APPLY MAKE-UP 319 TIMES, especially on a day like today, to ensure she looks extra special of a certain someone.

But then again, what about those couples who are forced to spend this Valentine’s Day apart, they may be sharing a few romantic words through a quick chat on the phone. We MAKE AN ESTIMATED 1,992 PHONE CALLS whilst in car through our lifetime of commuting.

However what about those who aren’t quite so lucky to be spending today with that special someone, might feeling sorry for yourself force you to shed a tear? Or perhaps those radio love songs might set you off… it is said that we CRY A TOTAL OF 76 TIMES.

So were you lucky enough to receive a gift from you admirer today? We enjoy tucking into a bite to EAT 897 TIMES whilst in our vehicles; perhaps today you may enjoy some valentine’s chocolates from your loved one.

So of all the weird and wonderful things us British commuters get up to in our cars, we predict today might just be popular for all things love related!

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