Work-related Road Risks

Work-related Road Risks

By RAM Tracking on 28 Nov 2012

The UKs largest organisation for health and safety (IOSH) are calling for the government to include work-related road incidents in the national accident reporting system.

According to a recent report from the Department of Transport, 24,870 people are estimated to have been killed or seriously injured on UK roads in the last year. With 24% of serious injuries and 30% of road deaths occurring as a result of work-related traffic accidents.

Richard Jones of IOSH said, ‘employers have clear duties under health and safety legislation in this country to manger work-related health and safety risks, which include that of their occupational road risks. Employers who do not ensure employees can drive safely for work are as much at fault as those who do not ensure employees can use workplace machinery safely…it is vital that employers manage their occupational road risks just as they would any other health and safety risk, through good planning and implementing sensible, proportionate precautions.'

The organisation has called for the government to make all serious injuries and deaths from work-related traffic accidents reportable. Road safety, Brake are too urging companies to use these alarming statistics, in order to shock employers into taking the risk management of their employees more seriously.

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