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Barry Proctor Services

"Previously time consuming tasks now take seconds!"

Barry Proctor

"The service we've received has been excellent"

Barry Proctor (BP) Services Ltd was established in 1985 and specialises in haulage for the building industry.   RAM trackers were installed on BP Service’s fleet of 30 HGVs in October 2007.  We asked Barry Proctor, Director at BP Service’s for his comments on why he chose RAM fleet tracking and the benefits to his company.

“RAM gives me greater control”

Whenever I am in the office I’ll always have the RAM fleet tracking system uploaded on my PC. It is so easy to use and gives me greater control of my mobile fleet. After installing RAM we have optimised our journeys, meaning we no longer incur unnecessary costs by a driver going out of his way. Just 30 miles less saves our business £60 per vehicle, per day!

“The vehicle trackers can evidence our time on site”

If one of our drivers is on site for more than an hour we charge the customer £50 waiting time. With RAM we can clearly show the customer the exact time of arrival and departure should they ever question the claim.

“I know my drivers and vehicles are safe”

The system gives me peace of mind that both my drivers are safe and my vehicles are secure. A few years ago we had a vehicle stolen and thanks to RAM the police were able to recover and return the vehicle to us within 24 hours.

“Previously time consuming tasks now take seconds!”

One of the best aspects of the system is the ‘user location’ feature. By setting the location I can pin point the exact location on the map, meaning I can direct a driver to that exact location in a matter of minutes.

“RAM has enhanced our customer service”

RAM fleet trackers have enabled us to improve the service we provide to our customers. We’ve reduced our communication costs, as at the click of a button we can give an accurate ETA. And our timely responses have enhanced our professionalism.

The service we have received from RAM has been excellent! They provide us with further training whenever required and should we need any additional units they are installed straight away. Now I couldn’t imagine not having RAM Tracking.

To find out how RAM can help save your business time and money, call our team today on 0845 203 3222

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