Cargo Motor Factors

Cargo Motor Factors

"I’d give RAM 5 stars for customer service and care!"

Lloyd Begley

"The RAM system is incredibly easy to use"

Cargo Motor Factors Ltd is a Staffordshire based car accessory shop, specialising in supplying car parts and accessories for every make and model of car. RAM trackers were installed on Cargo’s fleet of vans in January 2013. We asked Lloyd Begley, Director at Cargo for his comments on why he chose RAM van trackers and the benefits to his company.

“It was important to me to increase our efficiency”

My fleet makes a lot of short journeys within the day, around 200 miles worth and I chose to look into fleet tracking to increase our efficiency, optimise the routes taken and pin point any additional areas for improvement.

“We’ve saved £300 per month through stopping idling alone!”

The best feature of the RAM vehicle tracking system has to be the ability to see when how long a vehicle has been idling. This is so useful, alone saving us £250-300 per month as the lads no longer leave the vans ticking over during drop offs. This alone has enabled us to reduce our fuel consumption by 15%!

“RAM is flexible and we can personalise the system”

The RAM system is incredibly easy to use and navigate; I would certainly say that it is user friendly. Plus, the system can be personalised to our individual business needs – allowing us to set our own working hours, labour and vehicle costs which in turn filter through to alerts and reports.

“I’d give RAM five stars for customer service and care!”

RAM Tracking’s customer service team are brilliant and I do not hesitate in giving the company 5 stars for their service and care. We have not had any problems and would certainly recommend RAM to other businesses.

“RAM deliver on their cost saving promise”

Van tracking is a real win-win.  People often have a misconception that it is going to be overly expensive and fail to see the huge benefits it will bring. RAM promised us savings and they didn’t disappoint! Why would anyone not want to install a tool that will save them money and increase efficiency!

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