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James O'Donnell
Contracts Manager

We’ve used vehicle tracking for some time to help improve our business efficiency.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, we asked James O'Donnell, Contracts Manager at F. O'Donnell & Sons for his comments on why he chose RAM Tracking and the benefits to the company:
We’ve used vehicle tracking for some time to help improve our business efficiency. As such, I’m regularly asked about how vehicle tracking works and what vehicle tracking company to go with as there’s so many out there.

A business like ours needs to adapt with the times and as we won more new business, we needed more staff and consequently more vehicles. As our fleet of vehicles grew to 10, we needed tracking technology to be implemented, allowing us to have complete visibility of the vehicles and to maximise the productivity of our workforce.

With more and more vehicles to track and more jobs to get to, having a reliable system which you can access in the office and on the go via the app was crucial to our continued growth. It’s because of this, that we always recommend RAM Tracking. 


What do I like best about RAM Tracking?

1. Ease of Use

One of the things that stood out about RAM Tracking was the simplicity of the system. If your finding your existing system too complicated to use and you can’t access it on the go, it just won’t get used. That’s why RAM Tracking is perfect for us and our industry.

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