Fowler's Travel

Fowler's Travel

"RAM has improved the safety of both our customers and drivers."

Andrew Fowler
Managing Director

"Time-sheet management has instantly improved by up to 7% as soon as RAM Tracking was installed."

Established in 1947 Fowler’s Travel, a private hire travel company, aim to efficiently get their customers to the ‘required destination’ as well as exceeding outstanding customer service levels.

We interviewed Andrew Fowler, Managing Director of Fowler's Travel to get his take on how RAM Tracking has helped his business. When their vehicle tracking contract came up for renewal with a previous tracking company, Fowler’s Travel were instantly recommended RAM Tracking.

RAM Tracking came in and explained how quick and easy the system could adapt to Fowler's Travel and after their live demonstration they quickly made the decision to make RAM Tracking their supplier of choice.

This was mainly because they found the system so easy to us as well as the efficiency of the reports available. What really made RAM Tracking stand out to them was the ‘excellent customer service’ they had along the way.

Due to the nature and demands that travel companies face; Fowler’s Travel believed tracking was necessary for a variety of reasons. With a fleet of 21 coaches, they must ensure they have full control of their vehicles 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The initial reason they needed tracking was to establish a heightened management system, ensuring they continued to maintain an efficient service to their customers.

RAM Tracking has provided Fowler’s Travel with the ability to immediately locate their vehicles and in turn inform customers of their whereabouts should they require it. To further the heightened control of their fleet, RAM Tracking has improved the safety of both their customers and drivers.

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