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Mulberry Group

"Our productivity has increased by 80 hours per week"

Cary Burwood

"We've shaved £400 off our monthly fuel bill"

The Mulberry Group specialise in everything from construction and property repair, through to luxury kitchens and bathrooms. Based in Exeter, the firm is renowned for their innovative approach and high quality client service. RAM Trackers were installed on their fleet of 6 vehicles in December 2007. We asked Cary Burwood, Director at Mulberry Group for her comments on why she installed RAM vehicle tracking and the benefits to her company.

“With RAM we put a stop to all private mileage”

We knew gratuities were being taken by drivers using the vans out of hours, but we couldn’t prove it.  RAM’s route report allows us to see historically and in real time, the routes each of our vehicles have taken; providing complete transparency on how our vehicles are used.

“We’ve shaved £400 off our monthly fuel bill”

We had the vehicle trackers fitted on the Sunday prior to Christmas so that when we returned back to work in January all the units were in operation.  This provided us with a clear view of what our fleet was doing and enabled us to shave £400 off our monthly fuel bill. 

“Our productivity has increased by 80 hours per week”

We decided to use RAM’s fleet tracking reports as electronic timesheets, working out payable hours based on site arrival and departure times.   This has improved productivity considerably; our engineers are now on site at 8am, rather than 8.45am, meaning our productivity has increased by at least 80 hours per week.

“The RAM system is so simple and easy to use”

Given how busy we are, a key factor in choosing the RAM system was its ease of use.  We didn’t want the system to become another full day chore.  Once we started to use it, we discovered it actually saves us time; enabling us to be proactive with our daily duties and provide customers with accurate ETAs on site.  We can verify hours worked on site and use this for billing enquires and we can easily find the closest engineer to a job when we receive emergency call outs, saving time calling everyone on their mobiles.

The savings we have made in both time and money more than pay for the use of the vehicle tracking system. We are incredibly happy to have RAM on-board all of our vans!

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