National Maintenance Ltd

National Maintenance Ltd

"RAM stood out due to the exceptional customer service levels"

Jon Johnson

"We would describe RAM Tracking as easy, reliable and comfortable."

National Maintenance case study: Established in 2009 National Maintenance actively approached RAM Tracking requiring a vehicle tracking solution to meet the needs of their growing fleet. Starting with 10 vehicles, tracking was needed for a variety of different reasons to improve business productivity. 

National Maintenance provides maintenance services in the East Midlands area, comprising of home refurbishment, maintenance, boiler services, cosmetic repair and gas safety.

Jon Johnson Director at National Maintenance explains how they strive to provide their customers with outstanding customer service levels, and that vehicle tracking was the most effective way. 

With drivers being required to visit customers at both offsite and onsite locations wanted to ensure that their drivers were responding to their customer call-outs as quickly as possible. 

Security was another issue for the firm, Johnson believed that just purely the presence of a vehicle tracker would deter potential thieves and if the vehicle did get stolen it would be a lot easier to retrieve it.

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