Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd

Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd

"The tracking was fantastic"

Nikki Cohen
Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd

Vehicle Tracking for a Pharmacy group

Established in 2006, Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd are an independent family run community pharmacy group. As a key provider of medicines to the local community and institutions such as care homes, hospital units and prisons, Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd play a crucial role in transporting urgent medicine.

When Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd approached us, they had no way to track their delivery location, stoppage time or efficiency. A complete lack of telematics data meant that they relied heavily on old fashioned processes such as paper records and using mobile phones to stay in touch with drivers. The group also faced growing concerns from drivers that workload was increasing, yet Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd had no way to even quantify this claim.

“Drivers are more efficient”

The benefits of installing RAM Tracking vehicle tracking devices was instant. Immediately Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd knew where their fleet was “at any time” and they saw drastically improved efficiency from drivers and pharmacy staff as deliveries could be managed and monitored much easier.

Pharm-Assist healthcare Ltd also took advantage of RAM Tracking’s speeding report to help identify drivers that exceeded legal speed limits and could cause harm to other drivers as well as themselves. Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd noted an improvement in driver speeding behaviour that could help the business with future insurance premiums.

Using vehicle trackers for preventing theft

On Saturday 24th June 2017, Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd unfortunately suffered a break-in and the theft of two vehicles at around 4am. However, both vehicles had been fitted with RAM Tracking GPS devices and as such could be located. Nikki at Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd logged into the RAM Tracking dashboard within 5 minutes of the break-in and was able to provide the police with real-time locations for both vehicles.

Following a short pursuit and using the live vehicle tracking data from RAM Tracking, the police were able to deploy a helicopter and recovered both vehicles by 5am. West Yorkshire Police commented that the trackers had done their job and were impressed how it help them retrieve the stolen vehicles so quickly.

Without the trackers, the vehicles may never have been recovered and would likely have come at a great cost to the business.

"The tracking was fantastic – without it there is no way we would have been able to get the cars recovered so quickly”

Nikki Cohen at Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd told RAM Tracking;

“We are delighted with RAM Tracking in terms of the day to day benefits to our business in increasing efficiency and enabling us to manage our teams more effectively. To have the tracking devices in our personal cars in addition to the business fleet with the ability to track down the vehicles within just 5 minutes of them being stolen means the system absolutely invaluable to us.”

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