Sprinters Travel

Sprinters Travel

"It has been a completely positive experience so far, we were saying why didn't we do it earlier?!"

Viviane Walker
Transport Manager

"We love the fact the system is cloud based!"

Established in 2012, Sprinters Travel is an independent minibus and coach hire company based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. They have worked with a range of corporate clients as well as on national contracts. The company have a growing fleet all tracked by RAM and are expecting another 4 vehicles to be added in the coming months. We interviewed Viviane Walker, Transport Manager of Sprinter Travels Ltd and Founder who shares her experience with RAM Tracking.

Sprinters Travel was originally started by me as a small fleet of three minibuses. The current Director, Naveed Nazar purchased the company and employed me as the Transport Manager. I am responsible for our full fleet of vehicles and ensuring our drivers and customers are happy. A huge part of my role is dealing with all the tachographs, licensing and workforce. We are currently experiencing rapid growth and as a result have purchased three new vehicles this month already.  

Over the years, we have worked closely together as a team at Sprinters and I have been heavily involved within the business. As a direct result of our close-knit team we have experienced a high level of growth for the company and now have 11 vehicles. Our plans for the next 12 months is to increase the number of vehicles we have to 20.

Safety and legal elements of the Transport Manager role are quite strenuous, and it is essential we are compliant, so drivers’ hours are kept within the legal limit with scheduled breaks and rest periods. The tachographs record all those types of things, but the tracking reinforces it.

We have found the live tracking element of the software is the most useful. The General Manager Shaz had a specific customer query recently.  The customer was calling because she couldn’t find where a vehicle was, Shaz quickly realised the customer was standing in the wrong place. In order to keep the customer happy, he logged in to the RAM app live tracking feature, took a screenshot of where the vehicles were parked and sent it to the customer so he could guide her. He was able to help the customer with ease whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

Historical data is a close second. "The system is easy to use and self-explanatory."

Because we have so many vehicles in our fleet, we have all been saying  “Why didn’t we do it earlier?!”, it has been a life-saver as we can now see where the vehicles are at all times of the day. “It has been a completely positive experience so far.”

24/7 reporting has been good to know where the vehicles are when they are moving or not moving. We installed it two days before we had very heavy snow, which was a good job as we could then see where the vehicles were stuck and work out what vehicles could get where.

“I love the fact the system is cloud based!”

The app has been brilliant – we can use it on the go. Many of our council contracts have also now included in their contracts that vehicle tracking is a requirement to win the bid. Just little things really help us, you might get a parent saying the bus was late or left early and we can turn around and tell them the exact departure time. “So far so good.”

In terms of financial savings, it is still early days to note money savings however, the system has been so beneficial in other ways it more than pays for itself

I had a conversation with the Directors regarding the RAM Tracking system and they have nothing but praise about tracking and they get on really well with it.

“Recently we’ve been expanding and upgrading the vehicles, with our fleet now including eleven minibuses and coaches - so installing the tracking was a natural move to ensure we were running the right technology to match our growth plans. Having 24/7 knowledge of where every vehicle is has been invaluable” Naveed Nazar, Director

“With the school bus runs especially, it’s so useful to be able to track the vehicles in case there is traffic, or the driver has had to take a diverted route. It has also become a requirement to have the tracking on many of the tenders we now enter. Mohammad Shazad, General Manager

We would highly recommend RAM. It was a great business decision as it has given operations much more clarity.  


Thanks to Sprinters Travel. To find out how RAM Tracking can help save your business time and money, contact our team on 0333 3230 233 or email marketing@ramtracking.com.




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