Time Moves Slowly for UK Rush Hour Drivers

Everyone knows rush hour is the worst time of day to be driving, but do you know which ‘black spot’ roads to avoid at all costs?

Using speed and location data from our market leading tracking system ‘RAM Evolution’ we’ve compiled a map pinpointing the UK’s 20 most congested non-motorway roads at rush hour, so motorists know exactly where they should steer clear.

Analysing the speeds and locations of business drivers across the UK, the data covers more than 440,000 individual journeys in February 2013 and compares distance travelled during the rush hour commute of 8am to 9am with the later time of 11am to 12pm. 

Each individual marker reveals the slowest average speed and the difference between the typical speeds travelled mid-morning. Zoom in and out of the map and use the navigation bar across the top to select data by roads and categories.

For further information please call either Emma Campbell or Carys Samuel at Acceleris Marketing Communications on: 0845 456 7251


Top 10 Most Congested Roads  Top 10 Most Congested Roads
10 – 20 Most Congested Roads  10 – 20 Most Congested Roads
20 – 40 Most Congested Roads  20 – 40 Most Congested Roads