The inside of a car with a dash cam installed.

Dash cams for Business

Dash cams (dashboard cameras) are becoming a more frequently used option, not only for personal use, for business cases too. Dash cams are a small yet high-qualitycamera that can record the road ahead, the road behind and even in some cases, the inside of the vehicle, this will provide you with HD or better quality video that will either upload onto the cloud, or if you are looking for a more basic and affordable solution then it will upload directly onto an SD card. 

Dash cams can be fit in basically any vehicle, and an individual or a business may fit them for a variety of reasons, however, the primary one is to ensure that there is video evidence in the event of an accident. These HD videos can be used as part of an insurance claim or to identify the cause of damage.

Fleet managers are seeing dash cams as an absolute must-have for their fleet. Whilst they are small they are incredibly powerful as they, overtime, "pay for themselves"  in the event of the footage being used to exonerate your drivers of any wrong-doing. 

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Inside of a car with a dashcam looking out onto 3 lanes of vehicles


Why purchase a dash cam with RAM Tracking?

We wanted to make sure that when you choose RAM Tracking, you understand that we built our HD dash cam technology with you in mind. We have sold and installed dash cams within different vehicles and across various industries and helped our customers to improve their driver safety as well as ensuring that they have clear evidence to ensure that any crash-for-cash events are well explained for an insurance claim.

If you choose RAM Tracking, we guarantee that your dash cams will be professionally installed so you will not only have a dash cam that will not distract your drivers but that the dash cam will be set up at the most optimum settings. We also provide our customers with incredible customer service from our award-winning team that are always on hand to answer any and all questions that you have to ensure a smooth transition into the use of dash cams as well as helping you to select the right dash cam for you.

Our commercial HD dash cams work in unison with our vehicle tracking devices, having both installed ensures that you have enhanced visibility over your fleet, providing context to any issues that arise.


Constant recording ensures you never miss a second - any accidents or instances of dangerous driving can be dealt with using video evidence.


Analyze the behaviours of your drivers and ensure that you coach those that drive erratically.


Certain dash cams send data back when it detects bumps, etc. perfect for an accident where immediate attention is required.


Deter any would-be thieves, the mere sight of a dash cam within a vehicle can actually change the criminals mind.

Van travelling along a road with a front facing dashcam installed

The rise of dash cams

If you were to say that dash cams would be viewed as a must-have for a fleet 10 years ago, no one would have believed you. 

  • In 2013, only 1% of vehicles actually had a dash cam installed
  • 5 years later, this had rise to 17%
  • Current statistics suggest than 25% of vehicles now have a dash cam, and this is only rising

What costs are involved with dash cams?

  • We do not charge an installation fee
  • The average cost of business insurance is roughly $1137*
  • You can save on average, 20% in insurance costs, the system essentially pays for itself

Offset the cost in insurance by making the decsion to implement dash cams today

* numbers from Aug 22


picture of a women driving a car fitted with a dash cam with her hand on the steering wheel

Use dash cam footage as evidence

  • You can now provide dash cam footage as evidence
  • This is a simple way to exonerate your drivers of blame
  • Take the SD card footage and download it and submit - it's that easy!

Safer driving all round

  • Drivers with a dash cam installed are 33% more likely to drive safely
  • Other drivers aware they are being recorded will drive more safely
  • Safer driving habits lead to less wasted fuel

We ensure that our dash cams are subtly installed to guarantee minimal impact to the drivers vision. Our dash cams don't have a screen as we believe that's an even larger distraction. 


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