Who uses vehicle tracking?

RAM Tracking has thousands of customers across the US in various different industries who take advantage of the many benefits that our vehicle tracking system offers. Site-based industries find vehicle tracking essential to streamline work and run both time and monetary savings for their businesses. Businesses who use tracking want:

To understand the location of their fleet.

To know they can recover vehicles in the event of theft.

To know where workers are to streamline other jobs.

To improve their overheads through using vehicle tracking.

An image showing your fleet of vehicles being tracked on a map with insets of the individual workers at those locations

What do vehicle trackers do?

Simply put, vehicle trackers are designed to track your fleet of vehicles, regardless of what type of vehicle they are. Once they are installed they can inform the fleet manager of:

  • Movement.
  • Live location.
  • Driver behaviour.

This is achieved while the vehicles are on the move through the use of the GPS satellite system. This works together with Google Maps which uses a number of satellites in various positions to triangulate the current location of each vehicle. Using this with a multi-business sim allows you to have full coverage across the US, Canada and beyond.

Our trackers are roughly the size of a matchbox for discretion to help avoid anyone tampering with it and will be installed under the dashboard.


image of a map showing the points of where the vehicle being tracked stopped

How does vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking begins upon ignition, the GPS has a constant link that updates every minute to keep you in the loop with the latest information from each of your vehicles. The routes that your fleet of vehicles takes gets stored so it can be analyzed at a later date by using our series of reports, perfect for what a manager needs from a vehicle tracking system. Some of our reports include:

  • Travel Report - The classic report that shows any given journey(s) over a specific time frame that looks at:
    • Start/stop
    • Overall time taken
    • Distance travelled
    • Time spent at each stop
    • Average speed and idling time

You can collate all of this and understand your drivers overall performances and this makes it easy to see where issues might be and which drivers have low productivity and poor habits.

a picture of a globe on a grass background highlighting why vehicle tracking can help with the environment

Saving money and the planet with vehicle tracking

We want to help the push to be more eco-friendly easier than ever, this is why we created our green report, it will help your business to improve the carbon footprint of your journeys. It offers you.

  • Idling time analysis.
  • Event logging which shows driver behavior.
    • Harsh acceleration.
    • Erratic braking.
    • Overspeeding.
  • CO2 Output.

This will help to highlight the drivers that are the worst offenders on your journey to become an eco-friendly business allowing you to improve in these various areas which will additionally help to boost your business' bottom line as fixing these various behaviours will help to reduce the money that you spend on fuel, it will also help to improve the vehicle lifespan as it will reduce wear and tear. A vehicle that travels at 90kph rather than 120kph will use 20% less fuel for example. Go green, and save money in the process.

image of a gold medal as the winner of a tracked vehicle on performance

Driver Trackers for Vehicles

Speed analysis and driver behaviour reports will show:

By utilizing our speed analysis and driver behaviour reports you can see:

  • Driving efficiencies as to the optimal route chosen.
  • Driver speed vs the legal speed of the road they are on.
  • A points-scoring system is created based on events.
  • Rewards system to encourage good driving practice on the leaderboard.
  • Training for consistent violators to improve skills.

You have 24/7 vehicle tracking so you will be notified of any activity outside of working hours allowing you to recoup costs if your staff are trying to use vehicles for personal use when they have not been given permission to do so.


image of a semi truck driving along the road with an inset image of the vehicle being tracked on a map

Vehicle tracking for semis, trucks and HGVs

Increasing gas costs are taking up more and more of the running costs for freight transport and consumer goods business, but a vehicle tracking system can help your business to identify how and where various efficiencies can be made. Our vehicle trackers for trucks help customer service teams provide a more accurate ETA to customers which will help to improve customer relations as well as help to create various points of saving through the optimisation of your fleet.

image of a van being tracked by a vehicle tracking system. the inset show the driver details and the vehicle reference number.

Vehicle tracking systems for vans

We work with a number of businesses that rely on vans to trade. Whether it is a small company with just a few vehicles or a larger business with many vehicles on the road at once, a business vehicle tracking system for vans helps deliveries get made on time and for you to work smart. Understand where the fleet is and adjust accordingly when new jobs arrive.

image of an aerial view of a highway with heavy traffic including commercial vehicles being tracked by our system and an inset graph showing the savings made by implementing changes to driver behavior.

Vehicle tracking to help monitor your fleet

It couldn't be easier to track large fleets and high-value assets with our advanced GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleets. Set drivers back on course and improve the efficiency of your fleet with a detailed report that shows where and how improvements can be made, such as, cutting gas costs or reducing the size of your fleet. You can get alerts to proactively inform you of instances of idling, speeding and usage of the vehicles out of hours allowing you to react instantly to any situation.

image of a worker in his tracked car with an inset showing where he is located on a map like the system would highlight

Vehicle tracking for company cars 

You can now understand how your company vehicles are being used by your staff without having to call them up to check in on them, which leads to distracted driving. Vehicle tracking systems for company cars have been proven to increase productivity and can ensure that your company resources are not being misused.

Why are RAM Tracking the best for vehicle tracking?


Get a live map view of your drivers, their status, and all the data you need to improve the efficiency of your business.


Remove the admin and reams of paperwork from vehicle tracking with our easy to read reports that can be customized.


Stay ahead with your fleet management, make sure your vehicles are always in range, no matter where they are.


We keep your vehicles off the road for as little time as possible with a 30-minute installation at any address and at your convenience.

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