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An intelligent vehicle tracking app for US fleets

RAM Tracking understands that keeping tabs on every vehicle in your fleet can be a challenge - which is why we developed a vehicle tracking app that puts you in the driver's seat.

Whether you monitor 3 delivery vans or a fleet of 10,000 cars, the RAM Tracking app will help you to optimize your fleet's productivity whilst maximizing efficiency. You have access to a simple interface and a suite of intuitive features, meaning that our app provides you with the solution for your fleet tracking issues in the palm of your hands. Powerful features help you to improve fleet performance.

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Track your valuable vehicles

You can manage your fleet around the clock simply from your phone - it allows you to gain full visibility of your entire fleet in one simple place.

Track your vehicles:

  • Location allowing you to make sure they are on track for the day
  • Idle time so you can understand the amount of fuel that has been wasted in excessive breaks or heavy traffic
  • CO2 output, which is important if you are looking to reduce your CO2 emissions

A simple fleet-tracking app provides powerful features and in-depth insights into the daily activities of your fleet. It enables you to manage your fleet around the clock from your phone and gain full visibility of your entire fleet in one simple place. With the ability to track your vehicles' location, idle time, and CO2 output, you can optimize your fleet's operations, reduce costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Key Features

Real-time location

Track the location of your vehicles and effectively plan your journeys, all from the palm of your hand.

Vehicle Reports

Fully automated vehicle reports ensure that you have quick and easy access to important information to increase efficiency

Vehicle Status

Track your fleet's status, whether idle time or engine off, from one simple tracking app

Closest Vehicle

The RAM Tracking App helps you to find the nearest vehicle to a zip code for enhanced customer service


You have immediate access to where your vehicles are, even when you're on the move

Email notifications

You get immediate notifications from key events throughout the day. You get the most up-to-date information as it happens.

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Fleet tracking app for any vehicle

When we track a fleet, the type of vehicle can vary a lot, whether you are tracking cars, vans, HGVs or anything beyond, it's important to have a tracking software that provides you with the information that you would need at a moment's notice. RAM Tracking doesn't limit you to only tracking a certain type of vehicle - perfect for any fleet. We help you manage your fleet with our fleet tracking app.

When you sign into RAM Tracking you can:

  • Choose the various vehicles that you would like to gain insights into.
  • Carry out any of our reports that we offer to gain an overview of vital information.
  • Check idle time to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fleet.

See your entire fleet within one system which makes managing your vehicles a breeze.


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GPS Vehicle and Route Tracking

Keep track of the productivity and overall efficiency of your fleet drivers throughout the day

You can gain powerful insights whilst maintaining full visibility over your fleet:

  • See the current location of your drivers.
  • See your drivers location throughout the day.
  • Streamline work and job tracking so you can ensure your fleet remains productive.

RAM Tracking comes with a powerful Route Replay feature allowing you to monitor behaviour like:

  • If your driver was speeding throughout their shift.
  • Rapid acceleration and harsh braking.
  • Ensure that they are within their boundaries (if relevant).

This allows you to look into the drivers consistently breaking speed limit laws.

Look into the drivers that consistently break speed limit laws to coach them to improve their driving habits:

  • Were the drivers speeding?
  • Where were they travelling? Towards their next job or trying to get home faster?
  • Have they been abusing the number of personal mileage spending business money on fuel?

These are important factors so you can improve your driver's behaviour on shift.


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An easy-to-use fleet tracking app

It has never been easier to collect important information into your fleet. All you have to do is log-in through your iOS or Android mobile device, and by using biometric log-in, you will be in in seconds. Look over live data or complete historical reports

Why use RAM Trackings mobile app?

  • Look into the comings and goings of your fleet with ease.
  • Access vital information quickly with biometric log-in.
  • Track your entire fleet through the use of our various reports to get a deeper understanding of your driver's day.

You gain access to a vast array of information all from the palm of your hands - gaining insights like this is important to make informed decisions, and our vehicle tracking app offers you the ability to do this.

Understanding your driver's behaviour is incredibly important so you can find out if the drivers are causing unnecessary vehicle maintenance or if it is usual wear and tear.


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Track your fleet from anywhere

The RAM Tracking app is available for download on any iOS and Android device - this allows you to be able to quickly access all of your information, additionally, you always have your phone with you, so you can access the information anytime.

From home or on the go, you can carry reports out on your fleet from your phone. This gives you all the information that you need to understand if your fleet is on track.

Run reports on various areas such as:

  • Travel reports - where your vehicle is, when it was in use. Current status: moving, stationary or idle
  • Idle report - a full breakdown of each vehicle's idle time. Does one person have much higher idle time than the rest of the fleet?
  • Green report - look at your CO2 emissions, fuel efficiency and see if your performance requires improvement so you can both save costs and have a positive environmental impact

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