GPS Tracking Devices for Fleets

There's a growing demand for commercial electric vehicles, they are becoming an increasingly popular option as part of the fleet. EV Fleet management does provide a lot of the same features as conventional vehicle tracking does, the primary difference being that it requires specialist equipment in place to allow you to successfully monitor this different type of fleet.

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Electric vehicle tracking made easy

Electric vehicle fleet tracking may seem tricky at first glance, but with our help, we can help you close that gap and gain powerful insights into your electric vehicles. Businesses are moving towards a fully electric fleet, and we wanted to ensure that you had the tools at hand to be able to make informed decisions quickly and easily to run your EV fleet smoothly and effectively.

Electric vehicles do come at a higher cost than a vehicle that relies on regular fuel, so not only can electric vehicle tracking ensure that your vehicles are being well looked after by drivers, but additionally, having this tracking in place can help to bring down your insurance premiums.

You need to receive all of the data that is most important to your business - and RAM Tracking helps to provide this information, making electric car fleet management a much easier process.

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Reduce the idle time of your fleet

One of the biggest benefits of using an electric vehicle tracking system is that you can quickly enter the RAM tracking web app and take a look at the timeline of your drivers throughout the day this shows you:

  • When the vehicle is moving
  • When the ignition is off
  • When the driver is idle

Idling is where the ignition is on but the vehicle is not moving. Whilst this could ber something as simple as being caught in heavy traffic, it could also show you when your drivers are taking extended breaks.

Understanding idle time allows you to understand wasted charge on your electric fleet, this is important as it takes a lot longer for you to recharge your vehicle than it does to refuel a regular vehicle. 

Reducing idle time will help you ensure that your drivers remain productive, are not wasting valuable charge and it will help you to reduce the amount that you are spending on recharging your vehicles.

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Two vehicles driving away from the sun - in the top left there is a route replay from the RAM Tracking system

Efficient routing

It couldn't be easier to analyze your driver's routes and proactively optimize them to ensure that any and all efficiencies are made to their route. Through properly utilizing the information the system gives you, you can save hundreds per week, save time and money!

By using an electric vehicle tracking solution, you can choose individual drivers and carry out a route replay to see a day's journey, this allows you to help them to improve their routes and avoid unnecessary stops and detours. Make decisions based on real-time location information to allocate work amongst your fleet to help improve productivity and ensure that all daily jobs are complete.

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image showing a man driving an electric vehicle being tracked showing the score generated from his quality of driving.

Electric vehicle maintenance optimization

EV fleet solutions allow you to ensure your drivers are not rapidly speeding or harshly braking, it's important to make sure that when your drivers are out and they are representing the company that they are driving appropriately. Additionally, stopping so much poor driver behaviour ensures that the wear and tear of a vehicle is slower.

Effective electric fleet management ensures that all of your company vehicles are looked after and are in proper working order for the longest period of time.

Electric vehicle fleet tracking is a fantastic method of making sure that your drivers are sticking to the speed limits that the roads they are on have set out. The fleet manager can check their driving habits at any time, so the drivers are more likely to stay within the speed limit, this helps to improve fleet safety, extending the lifespan of your fleet.

Adding Dash Cams to the mix not only means a reduction in insurance costs and the peace of mind that drivers will not be wrongly blamed for on-road incidents but the psychological impact a driver get knowing they are being monitored by the cameras leads to a 33% improvement in driving safely.


Heavy traffic on a motorway - bottom left shows three drivers and how far away they are

Accurate ETAs for your customers

Drivers can get caught in traffic, or a job may go on for longer than they expected it to - it's important to update the next customer in line with plenty of time if the driver will be turning up late, a customer may not have the time and you need to reschedule. 

When your company effectively uses an electric vehicle fleet management system, you are able to go into the RAM Tracking app and you will immediately see the current location of your drivers allowing you to provide a more accurate ETA of how long they will be waiting.

Additionally, if a driver does get stuck in heavy traffic and they are going to completely miss the time slot that was pre-determined, you can use the electric vehicle tracking app to locate the closest driver to the job and you can relocate them to go and complete the job on the original driver's behalf. This keeps your jobs running and ensures that your customers still have a high level of confidence in you.

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