GPS Tracking Devices for Fleets

With the growing demand for commercial electric vehicles, they are becoming an increasingly popular option as part of the fleet. EV Fleet management involves a lot of the same features as conventional vehicle tracking but requires specialist equipment to monitor successfully. Learn more about how RAM Tracking can help you track your sustainable fleet.

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Electric vehicle tracking made easy

Electric vehicle fleet tracking can seem hard on the surface, but RAM Tracking can help you to keep a close eye on your electric vehicles. With businesses looking towards using EV fleet solutions within their company, we have worked to create a powerful way so you can see them on a live map, just as if you had regular vehicles as part of the fleet, regardless of if you are on the web app or on the mobile app, allowing you to track your fleet from anywhere. 

Electric fleet vehicles come at a higher cost than their fuel counterparts, so, having the comfort and reassurance that they can be tracked at any time brings peace of mind and potentially lower insurance premiums. It is important that you look into electric vehicle tracking so you get the right one for you - you need to be receiving all of the correct data that is most important to you and your company.

RAM Tracking helps you make electric car fleet management much easier.


image showing a man driving an electric vehicle being tracked showing the score generated from his quality of driving.

Electric vehicle maintenance optimization

EV fleet solutions allow you to ensure your drivers are not rapidly speeding or harshly braking, it's important to make sure that when your drivers are out and they are representing the company they are driving appropriately. Additionally, you can use electric vehicle tracking to ensure that when your drivers are out they are not rapidly speeding or harshly braking. We don't want the drivers to be doing this as it causes company vehicles to require maintenance more frequently due to faster wear and tear.

Effective electric fleet management ensures that all of your company vehicles are looked after and are in proper working order for the longest period of time.

Electric vehicle fleet tracking is a fantastic method of making sure that your drivers are sticking to the speed limits that the roads they are on have set out. The fleet manager can check their driving habits at any time, so the drivers are more likely to stay within the speed limit, this helps to improve fleet safety, extending the lifespan of your fleet.

Adding Dash Cams to the mix not only means a reduction in insurance costs and the peace of mind that drivers will not be wrongly blamed for on-road incidents but the psychological impact a driver get knowing they are being monitored by the cameras leads to a 33% improvement in driving safely.s


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What is an Electric Vehicle?

An electric vehicle (EV) is a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors instead of internal combustion engines for propulsion. The electric car is manufactured to transport humans and electric car batteries are used to store energy.

Electric cars prevent pollution since they do not create CO2 as they run.

Electric vehicles can be recharged using solar power, so they are environmentally friendly. Most importantly, switching to electric vehicles will save your business money, especially on mechanics' costs compared to traditional vehicles.

Electric vehicles are not just the future, they’re here now. With all the advances in technology, EVs are becoming cheaper and easier to use every day.  With great savings for both a business and its customers, switching to electric can offer a huge boost to your bottom line as well as being environmentally friendly which in some cases can be the reason why a company chooses to use your services.


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