Maintaining acceptable levels of service for utilities companies is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces. With increasing focus on customer satisfaction and keeping our country running, the utilities sector is one of the most regulated in the world.

Keeping track of operations and ensuring that service level agreements are met across thousands of vehicle can be a daunting and difficult task. Recording and analysing all of this data is equally difficult. Vehicle trackers via GPS technology allows this challenge to become an opportunity. RAM Tracking are a market leader in not just providing the necessary hardware, but an easy-to-use and insightful user dashboard so fleet managers can make sense of their vehicles and driver behaviour.


Vehicle tracking features

RAM Tracking is an industry leader in the telematics market not because we install lightweight, secure and discreet tracking devices, but because we supplement that with an award winning piece of software that helps businesses analyse the data easily and make better business decisions about their fleet management. Our wide range of features that help facilitate this include;

  • Proof of work: Our real-time telematics data capture software records and measures every movement of every vehicle in your fleet. As such, utilities companies can prove what time they arrived, how long they were there for and when they left. Such data is invaluable for service auditing, complaints and providing estimates for future work.
  • Immediate driver dispatch: By being able to see all of your fleet’s vehicles on easy to access dashboard, operations teams can immediately dispatch the nearest vehicle to any urgent or emergency work. Estimated time of arrivals can then be provided to customers to provide reassurance and further information
  • Job tracking: Using reporting such as our engine idling report, utilities companies can ensure that productivity is consistently high by monitoring driver behaviour on jobs. Automatic alerts can be generated in the event where an engine has been idle for a set period of time so that the business can identify and try reduce fuel consumption and time wastage.
  • Time tracking: RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking system allows utilities companies to verify submitted timesheets to ensure that accurate records are being submitted and reduce unauthorised overtime.

Business benefits of vehicle tracking to utilities companies

Installing vehicle trackers across cars, vans, trucks and lorries used by utilities companies can yield great financial rewards from reduced fuel costs, safer driver and limiting breaches of service level agreements. Examples of key benefits include;

  • More optimum route planning
  • More efficient driver dispatch
  • Asset management alerts (e.g. MOT renewal alerts)
  • Timesheet verification
  • Improved driver safety
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Real-time ETA for customer service

Improved workforce productivity

Ensuring productivity and fast response to call-outs is crucial in the utilities sector, so when JVA Electrical approached RAM Tracking about vehicle tracking, we immediately understood their business challenge. Established for over 10 years and with 20+ vehicles in their fleet, JVA wanted to reduce costs for their vehicles but without compromising on vehicle quality.

RAM Tracking recommended vehicle tracking as a way to cut fuel expenditure. Engine idling reports, more efficient route planning and private/business mileage reports all ensured that JVA Electrical always knew how their vehicles were being used and where potential wastage was occurring. Within a couple of months JVA Electrical cut fuel costs by 30% across their fleet.

Also crucial for the utilities sector was ensuring that their engineers arrived at jobs on time and were productive. By monitoring business vehicles and verifying the data against employee timesheets, JVA Electrical could ensure that engineers were undertaking the work when they said they were.

“I can’t fault the RAM system, it’s easy to use and allows me to be in greater control of my workforce, as well as saving time and money! The service has been amazing from the outset and I wouldn’t hesitate in awarding RAM a five star rating!”

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