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What Is Private Mileage?

If you run a business with a fleet of vehicles, then you’ll know that it’s inevitable that some of them aren’t going to be where they always should be.  Sometimes this is the result of vehicles being used outside of regular operational hours. This is called private mileage.

Perhaps your fleet is only supposed to be operational during the week, but you register activity on the weekend. Or you find one of your fleet vehicles operational a couple of hours after your business is closed for the evening… These circumstances would be ones you could classify as private mileage.

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Use RAM tracking to monitor private mileage

If you rely on your employees to manually enter their hours of operation, then you’ll be at risk of false information entry. We all know that employees are like everybody else – they can make mistakes, and this leads to inaccurate timekeeping. If you don’t have accurate timekeeping then you don’t have accurate data, and it’s very difficult to make accurate judgment calls about your business if you don’t have the right sort of data.

Our RAM tracking system will be more accurate at tracking the activities of your drivers, but moreover, it will also help you to see where a vehicle is being used for business or private use, thanks to its advanced GPS tracking and innovative software.

Reducing costs with RAM tracking

If you’re concerned about your company car private use, then RAM tracking could be a valuable solution. Firstly, it allows you to monitor your employees more effectively to ensure you only pay for business mileage. However, it also means you should be able to reduce the amount of idling your drivers are doing, reducing fuel costs.

Overall, it should lead to a better understanding of your drivers’ activity when they’re in the field – and when they’re supposed to have left the company vehicle alone for the evening or weekend – and this should help you to reduce private mileage in the long run.

Why choose RAM tracking

We have over 12 years’ experience in vehicle tracking and reporting so this means we have the experience, knowledge base and basic experience in our field to ensure that we are always delivering a high quality experience.

Our innovative software is easy to use, and our flexible, customisable reports are simple to understand yet powerful in their analytical capabilities.  We won’t overload you with irrelevant statistics – only what you want to know, and we guarantee that by using our system you will improve your efficiency and operational effectiveness, reducing costs.

On top of that, a simple 30-minute installation process for our GPS systems means that getting the most out of your RAM tracking system straight away. 

Finally, thanks to our unparalleled customer service, we know that if you have any problems or would like us to help you make more of our tracking, we are we believe we are the best equipped to help you manage your fleet.