Speed Monitoring

At RAM tracking, we know that it is important that we provide our clients with a product and service that helps deliver increased efficiencies and better results for their commercial fleet.


A speed-monitoring device can do wonders for your commercial fleet. Whether you are looking to ensure your drivers are operating within the legal speed limit, or you’re trying to minimise the amount of harsh breaking on your fleet vehicles, our RAM tracking speed monitoring will help you improve the effectiveness of your fleet.

With 12 years of industry experience, our RAM tracking GPS and reporting software will give you the best possible visibility on the wear and tear on your vehicles, as well as letting you accurately monitor any potential speeding, idling and much more.  Read on to see how our intelligent tracking system will help your fleet management.

Reduce speeding and save money

One of the largest advantages of implementing RAM tracking to monitor speed is the cost reduction to your business. As business owners, we know that you are always trying to improve your service as well as keep costs low. By installing our advanced GPS speed tracker, you will be able to feed back to your drivers on their speeding, as well as on costly maneuvers like harsh breaking.

By providing your fleet drivers with this insight, you should be able to receive fewer expensive speeding penalties, and indeed, fewer speeding points on driver licenses.

Not only that, but you should also reduce the amount of money your business spends on vehicle maintenance through servicing of wear and tear. Overall, the simple installation of our RAM tracking should reduce spend on your fleet by £71 per vehicle per week – a significant annual saving.

Vehicle wear and tear

Wear and tear is a serious issue for those concerned with fleet management., and one that we know costs our clients more than they would like. Usually, speeding results in higher risk of damage to your vehicles, meaning that you will need to spend more to maintain vehicles in your fleet. With our RAM tracking device, you will be able to reduce the amount of speeding committed by your drivers, and this will in turn reduce wear and tear-related costs.

The problem extends the other way, too. If your drivers are spending too much time idling in their vehicles, you might find that they’re wasting fuel,  which is probably an expense your business can’t afford.

In addition, idling can also be a cause of unnecessary accidents. This may also lead to wear and tear on the fleet vehicles. This can all be prevented with our RAM tracking and intelligent reporting technology. Our idling report is purposefully set up to help you target idling and help you take action to reduce it.

Ultimately, RAM tracking will help aid the longevity of your fleet vehicles  - whether they’re corporate cars or lorries. In the long run, small savings made from reduction in wear and tear will amount to big earnings. If you’d like to see how we can help your business, just listed to how we supported Littles Travel reduce costs incurred by excessive idling.