Best Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

We know having a workforce out in the field is a constant worry for business owners or fleet managers.

We offer a number of solutions to relieve these stresses by providing our service of vehicle tracking and dash cams for vehicles across all your fleet.

The cost of this in place is far outweighed by the savings and protection it provides so when it comes to peace of mind and cutting costs, it's a quick win.

Dash cam with tracker benefits

Know where your vehicles are

Live map locators 24/7 to know where any vehicle is in the fleet.

Make cost savings to your business

With route optimization and fuel-saving reporting features.

Protect and exonerate drivers

In case of collisions and incidents, lower insurance costs too.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Evaluation reports and interior camera options to improve skills.

4 white HGVs driving in a line, blue circles are around them to show that they have vehicle tracking in place.

Why should I use GPS Vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking is an incredible benefit to your fleet, it's a fantastic way for you to to be able to receive real-time information on your fleet, not only will you receive the current location of your fleet, but you also gain crucial insights into the current status of the vehicle, such as the direction that it is travelling, the speed, if they are idling, etc.

The benefits

  • You can understand what is happening within your fleet. By understanding idle time, you get insights into who is wasting fuel - fuel costs account for 10-12% of a vehicle's operating cost so getting on top of idle time saves money.
  • Historical reports allow you to gain information on your entire fleet. Find out driver behaviour for example to get a driver score based on instances of speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, idle time and more. All of this is put in one number so you understand data at a glance.
  • Route replay allows you to proactively optimize your driver's routes. See if they can cover the same route over a shorter distance, see if they are breaking speed limits or crossing paths with other drivers, this will allow you to get drivers to use less fuel during the day.

GPS vehicle tracking allows you to save admin time, money and importantly, allow you to understand if your drivers are being productive with their day. 


Dash cam installed in a van

Why should I use a dash cam?

Dash cams are powerful pieces of equipment that are affordable and allow you to protect your drivers and save money. 

The benefits

  • Avoid potential "crash-for-cash" situations - If someone purposefully gets into an accident and you have a dash cam installed in your vehicle, you have video evidence that can be used as additional evidence in court to help exonerate your driver. Dash cams help to bridge the gap.
  • Save money - most insurance companies recognize a dash cam as a preventative measure to increase the safety of the vehicle. Additionally, because the fleet manager can watch the footage over, drivers will drive more sensibly. Therefore, insurance companies tend to take money off of the insurance cost.
  • Dash cams can be turned on to record overnight when it detects a bump. This means that if a driver hits your vehicle and drives away, you will have a recording of the event and the licence plate of the vehicle. Additionally, a dash cam in the vehicle tends to put off would-be thieves.

Dash cams do more than just record the road in front of you!


A vehicle that has a dash cam and live GPS tracking. In the bottom right there is a vehicle that is involved in a crash

The power of combining a dash cam with live GPS tracking

When you put these two powerful solutions together, you get the best of both worlds. Some people see the benefit of using only one of these two systems, however, when you combine their individual abilities, you get even more out of them. 

What you get when you combine the two

  • You can run reports and have contextual evidence when there is a dash cam in place, for example, if there is a harsh brake that has been reported, you understand if it was due to someone else driving erratically, or if your employee has poor driving habits. You have video evidence of every second of your driver's journey so you can make the informed choice to coach them or not.
  • Dash cams help to prevent theft, the mere sight of a dash cam means that someone trying to steal your vehicle will be put off from continuing on with theft. However, if they do steal the vehicle, your vehicle tracking system will give you the exact location of your vehicle so you can give the exact location to the authorities to recover the vehicle.
  • There is more accountability across your fleet - you get a more complete picture of how your fleet vehicles are being used, you can take all of the information in to hold drivers accountable for unsafe or unauthorized behaviour. You make fully informed decisions so you don't inappropriately respond.

Finally, when you utilize a dash cam with RAM Tracking, if any of your vehicles get into a crash, not only will you have video evidence to be able to see if your driver was at fault (and provide this as evidence to exonerate them) but the RAM Assist app for drivers allows a driver to report an accident, this means the fleet manager will know the exact location of the driver allowing them to send an ambulance if required. Additionally, a driver can type notes or record a voice note of their version of events and can get any bystanders to record a voice note of their version of events.


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