Why use car tracking?

Why use our automated car tracking system? We have created an easy-to-use solution that allows you to gain insights into your vehicle's status and current location. You can even create comprehensive reports which give you access to all of your information in one place. Don't forget to check out our vehicle tracking costs so you get a quick understanding of how much you could save by utilizing vehicle trackers.

A man driving a dark blue car - in the top right of the image there is a route replay of his journey

Why are RAM Tracking the best car tracking company?

We have an easy-to-use, yet advanced car tracking system, one that not only gives you the real-time location of your tracked vehicles but also, you get insights into the current status of those vehicles, so you get a better understanding of your vehicles' usage.

With other car tracking systems, you may find that you have to spend a lot of precious time looking at overly complicated information which has not been collated properly. This could leave you more confused than you were before and looking for a needle in a haystack.

That's what sets RAM Tracking apart - we give you access to reports which are quick to put together, easy-to-read and give you only the information that you ask for. Just choose the report you want to look at and we put the information together for you. 

Ultimately, we want to help reduce your admin time, this will help improve your efficiency across your business and over time, better efficiency leads to better productivity and therefore a better bottom line.


Man in a shirt and tie driving his car, the top right corner shows his vehicle being tracked in Ottawa

Who utilizes car tracking?

RAM Tracking is used by a wide variety of companies from a range of different industries. If a company provides their employee with company cars, or they have employees that are using their vehicle as part of a grey fleet, and the company is paying for the fuel, it is in the company's best interest to understand where the vehicle is in real-time, how often the vehicle is refueling and instances of poor driver behaviour, so they can understand if the fuel being used is being wasted or if it is being utilized properly.

Our car tracking system allows you to gain insights into your car usage, things like; fuel wastage, driver behaviour, idle time, and much more, we have ensured that our app provides you with a range of reports that provide you with a variety of information so you can utilize each report when you need them most. These reports come together to not only save you time but money as well.

When you have the relevant information readily available in seconds you can make large scale improvements across your business - why waste so much time trying to analyze large pieces of data that aren't properly collated when RAM Tracking can do it for you?



RAM Tracking live map reports dashboard feature - our various historical reports

Historical reporting

RAM Tracking puts simple historical reporting in the palm of your hands, allowing you to carry them out with ease to gain powerful insights into your vehicles. You simply go into the web app and click on "Historical Reports", from this area, you have access to one of 27 different reports including:

  • Travel reports 
  • Geofence visits
  • Green report
  • Idle reports
  • Speed analysis

If you utilize these various reports on individual vehicles, multiple vehicles or even all of your vehicles (up to 32 days) all of these reports can be then exported into PDF, Excel, Word or even HTML formats.

Historical reports give you incredibly detailed reports that are simple to read, regardless of who is behind the screen collecting these reports, you will get all of the information you need and it doesn't need to be transported into a different place, the file you receive will help you to save time and money whilst improving your productivity.


Car Tracking System Key Features


Car tracking systems give you the real-time location of your fleet of cars whilst providing you actionable data through the web app or mobile app with ease.


Proactively optimize your drivers' routes through the use of our route replay function. You can find ways to make them travel a shorter route to help save money over time.


The RAM Tracking system is a fantastic way to help improve your drivers' overall efficiency and productivity. Things like poor driver behaviour lead to more fuel being used - find these points and take action to save time and money.


You can make informed decisions which allows you to find areas of improvement so you can coach your drivers on idling issues. Our users save, on average, $71 per vehicle, per week.

What our customers say

""It is a huge commercial benefit to the company. Working proactively like this has been a huge boost to our productivity and has helped us eliminate unnecessary additional mileage""

Total Transportation Ltd

Car Tracking FAQs

Fleet management can involve monitoring and measuring anything from 10 cars through to enterprise level company car schemes with over 5,000 vehicles. Trying to manage employees and vehicles of any level can be a difficult task. Every day we speak to customers and prospective customers who want to find out how such a small investment in car tracking can help yield huge financial rewards. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions to provide peace of mind and more information about how our vehicle tracking devices work

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