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Daily vehicle checks that suit your needs

RAM Tracking brings you an easier way to carry out daily vehicle checks on your fleet - you can fully customize the checklist so it is suitable for van, lorry or car safety checks. Having it completely customized ensures that each vehicle is deemed roadworthy up to the standards that have been set out by the manufacturer of the make and model of the vehicle.

By law, you must ensure that your vehicles are well maintained and are in an efficient state of working order and in good repair. You can keep on top of this by carrying out daily circle checks, your template is filled out by the driver and updates the fleet manager on whether the vehicle is suitable for use. More importantly the system will notify you if:

  • The check has not been completed.
  • Make you aware of issues to minimize disruption when the vehicle needs servicing/fixing.
  • Keep workwers on the raod by organizing replacement vehicles to fix vehicles when necessary.

Simple walkaround check doesn't really ensure all important wearable parts are checked and driver laziness can mean checks do not happen at all. RAM Tracking's vehicle safety checks give you a customizable option, suitable for any vehicle that goes in-depth on the current state of your vehicle. Catch the need to take your vehicle off the road for maintenance before it becomes an extensive issue.

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Silver car with oil leak - Vehicle Check on iPhone shows everything is okay except engine oil is low due to leak

The basics of driver daily walkaround checks

Your vehicles require a range of different checks to be completed, this varies between the make and model of the vehicle as well as what type of vehicle it is - a car has different check requirements to a lorry. However, there are a few things that you should check for universally:

  • Condition of the vehicle bodywork, windscreen, windows and lights
  • Condition of the tyres, pressure and wear
  • Brake and clutch fluid levels
  • Function of the seatbelts
  • Usability of horn

These are critical to the safety of the driver, and therefore, should be checked as part of your daily circle checks.

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Person checking the tyre pressure of a vehicle

Driver daily walkaround checks as part of your daily routine

Driver daily circle checks are a small addition to your morning routine before you drive your vehicle. You may not notice, but you automatically make a few different checks upon entering your vehicle out of habit. 

  • You check your mirror alignment
  • You will check your fuel level
  • You will check your seatbelt works when buckling up

If your fleet manager customizes the template for your circle checks it becomes much easier for your drivers to carry out the check - all they have to do is open up our cell phone app and follow the list.

We understand that drivers have a lot to check before they start their shift as it is, but vehicle safety checks are vital for the safety of your driver - if the brakes are underperforming, or they drive at night and their rear lights don't work it increases the chances of injury. By taking a small bit of time out to carry out circle checks your drivers will be safer behind the wheel and can catch maintenance issues before several issues pile up and render your car useless until hefty bills have been paid.

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Worn down tyre - tread completely worn out

Increase driver safety with daily vehicle checks

Vehicle safety checks are a fantastic way to ensure your drivers are as safe as they can be at the beginning of their shift, your drivers just fill out a pre-made customized checklist. If you use vehicles that are unsuitable for use on the road, it puts your driver and those around them in danger.

Whilst it is another thing to add to the list in the morning, getting your drivers into the habit of carrying out their daily circle checks first thing in the morning allows your drivers to spot issues with ease.

You cover a large distance every day, so a small fault can develop rapidly. Carrying out vehicle safety checks every day ensures that any issues can be caught before any additional damage can be done.

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Look after your drivers

Look after your drivers and keep on top of wear and tear of your vehicles by carrying out daily vehicle checks. 

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