Tracking Trucks With Ease With Our System

Our truck tracking technology allows fleet managers and business owners to track their trucks so they can make better decisions about logistics, route planning and even recovering stolen tracked trucks.

Why use truck tracking?

Whether you have one truck or a full fleet of HGVs, RAM truck tracking devices helps you to keep on top of your vehicles. Fuel is a huge expense for trucks, lorries and HGVs and can range from anywhere between 17 – 32% of a vehicle’s annual operating costs. You can also backup invoices and offer evidence of work with commercial truck tracking devices, bringing peace of mind to both you and your clients. Save time and money and prevent your business being hit with costly fines by knowing how your employees are using your resources. 


Who uses truck tracking?

Businesses looking to get truck tracking are usually wanting it for one or all of these three reasons. Peace of mind, staff monitoring and cost saving.

Peace of mind -

  • Knowing where your vehicles are can be a stress relief as the system regularly updates the whereabouts of any tracked truck at any time. You can also access the software anywhere via the web portal. 
  • Should a tracked truck ever get stolen you have the knowledge that the almost invisible, hard wired truck trackers will give you the exact location and recover the vehicle swiftly and efficently. This will also mean lower insurance premiums too saving even more money.
  • Need to know if a truck made its destination? Alerts and notification can be set up via a polygon tool option highlighting a specific depot or restricted zone for the truck itself. Should a vehicle go out of its restriction region or arrive at an important customers drop off zone late you can keep informed to manage any situation. 

Why truck track 2

Why truck track 2

why truck track 3

why truck track 3

Key Features


Fuel is a huge expense for any fleet, by keeping track of fuel costs you can see where you can become more efficient.


Full visibility on all vehicles, backup invoices and evidence of work ensure peace of mind to both you and your clients.


Almost all of our customers have reported a 10 – 20% improvement in productivity for drivers when introducing vehicle tracking.

Avoid fines

Prevent your business from being hit with costly VAT fines by knowing how your employees are using your resources at all times.

Truck Tracking FAQs

RAM Tracking are one of the most respectable and knowledgeable market leaders in the industry for truck and lorry fleet telematics. We respond to questions about vehicle trackers regularly and help businesses better understand how vehicle trackers for lorries and trucks can help improve profitability and performance. As such, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions about truck and lorry tracking

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Site based services

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