Truck Tracking with RAM Tracking

The ability to monitor and manage your fleet of trucks in real-time is essential for efficient operations, cost savings, and enhanced customer service. Our cutting-edge truck tracking technology empowers you to take control of your fleet, optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, improve driver safety, and much more.

A truck at a petrol station and in the top right of the image there is a graph showing Fuel Saved over time

Why use a truck GPS tracker?

When transporting goods within a truck, one of the most important aspects is ensuring that the goods are delivered on time, but there is a range of different benefits to using a truck GPS system. Whether you have a single truck or an entire fleet full of HGVs, RAM truck tracking devices help you to keep on top of your vehicles. 

  • Save money on fuel with the use of a truck tracking system, you can quickly and easily look into your frequent routes and figure out a shorter way to get to your destination. 
  • Monitor driver behavior by utilizing truck tracking, you can carry out a detailed driver report to see information such as harsh braking and rapid acceleration, which culminates in a driver score, so you can see driver behavior at a glance.
  • Using a truck GPS you can quickly recover stolen vehicles. If a vehicle is stolen you can go onto your live truck tracking web app or mobile app and provide the authorities with a specific location on the live map.

Truck driver in his lorry being tracked.

Delivery services

A truck tracking system ensures that any delivery company has immediate access to the real-time location of their fleet of trucks. This gives you immediate information on:

  • Whether your drivers are being productive with their day.
  • If they have been spending too much time idling.
  • Ensuring that they are driving sensibly behind the wheel.

This allows you to understand if your drivers are wasting time in the day as well as avoiding fellow road users complaining about a bad driver in a vehicle with your company branding on it.


Two trucks on a country road being tracked.

Freight transport

Our truck tracking system is invaluable for any heavy goods vehicle operators who work within the freight transport industry. When you are transporting someone else’s goods, it is incredibly important that they can understand where you are at all times. Using our real-time truck tracking system, sharing your location and simply looking at the web app, you get instant knowledge of where they are with the goods.

RAM Tracking provides a cheap truck GPS that provides fleet managers with peace of mind about where any trucks, semi's and HGVs are at any time.


A lorry without a trailer is parked next to towers of red and blue trailers ready to be put on so the driver can start their day.

Consumer goods

If your fleet works with the transportation of consumer goods as part of your business, however, it isn't the primary service that you provide, quite often, it can be quite a struggle to ensure that you put the right time and resources aside so it can be properly achieved.

By utilizing our truck tracking system, we take the stress out of the equation. Anytime throughout the day, you can get:

  • Turn-by-turn or minute-by-minute location of your drivers and the goods that you are transporting.
  • An accurate ETA to the customer receiving the goods.
  • Learn if your employees are being productive on a daily basis.

What are the features of our tracking system?

The RAM Tracking system following a truck on its journey including the driver information and their driving, stopped and idle time.

Truck tracking online

All of the truck tracking information is collected and transferred immediately to our central database, within this database you get access to real-time information. Our reporting feature gives you access to all of your historical information at a glance - this means that all of the information that you have collected over time can be collated in an easy-to-read way.

When you open up the web app you can see all of your vehicles on Google maps which is frequently updated. By using our GPS tracking device for trucks you can instantly see who is driving, unloading and idling.


A truck driving on the road - in the top right of the image there are some of the reports on offer; Travel Report, Private Report, Detail Report and Idle Report

Customizable reports

RAM Tracking offers a range of reports that take the historical data that has been collected and allows you to collate it in a way that makes data easy to read. You can collate your historical data into over 25 different reports, this can be information on an individual vehicle, multiple vehicles or even your entire fleet. You can choose from reports such as:

  • Idle report.
  • Driver behavior.
  • Green report.

You will be provided with data in seconds that cuts your admin time drastically. You don't need to transfer information into an Excel document, RAM Tracking does all of the heavy lifting for you, we help you save time and money by utilizing factual data to implement actionable changes within your fleet.


Many vehicles on multiple roads with three of them circled to show coverage - in the top left of the image, there is a Satellite as our coverage is through GPS

Powerful coverage

When you have a full fleet to keep track of, there is a lot of stress that comes with it, and therefore you don't need to also be worrying about the signal dropping at any moment. That's why we make sure that all of our customers who work in a low-signal or a rural-area are offered roaming SIM cards as a standard.

We help to make sure that you are always getting up-to-date, accurate information, this helps to ensure that if a customer calls up with a dispute, the fleet manager will have full peace of mind, as low signal won't stop information coming in as it happens.


Why are RAM Tracking the best truck tracking company?

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RAM Tracking's truck tracking solution allows you to relax as you don't have to worry about any expensive upgrade costs that seemingly appear out of nowhere, all our system upgrades are free!

RAM Tracking automatically makes system changes at convenient times as well as ensures that you always have the most up-to-date tracking unit, thanks to our huge development team. Our systems are way ahead of our competition with our exclusive reporting features and minute-by-minute tracking updates.


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We work with you to ensure that we install your truck tracker at a time that is most convenient for you. We strive to ensure that your vehicles are off the road for as short a time as possible. Once you receive your truck fleet tracking system, we will visit your premises to install them into your vehicles – even on a Saturday!


Key Features


One of the most costly elements of running a fleet is the cost of refuelling, our truck tracking system allows you to monitor things like idle time so you can coach drivers to reduce the amount of wasted gas.


Use truck tracking to gain visibility over your fleet, understand their current location which will help to provide you with evidence for any customer queries.


Our customers have reported a 15-20% improvement in productivity through the use of our tracking system by utilizing the use of the information found within the app.

Avoid fines

You can easily avoid large fines against your business through the use of our truck tracking system as you stay up-to-date with legally required ELDs.

Truck Tracking FAQs

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