Breakdown Reporting

What is breakdown reporting?

It happens from time to time, the vehicle breaks down, and the driver is left stranded looking for help. It's important that they have a streamlined method to get assistance whilst notifying their employer. Breakdown reporting is the answer. We offer a simple way for drivers to instantly get in touch with their employer, who can then provide roadside assistance. All drivers have to do is select the vehicle they are driving and provide the necessary details, such as their current location and notes of what happened. This provides a great way of immediately filing the events of what happened whilst the driver remembers it clearly. 

Breakdown reporting minimizes the effort involved in procuring roadside assistance whilst additionally reducing admin time.

White car broken down on the side of the road with a warning post out

How is breakdown reporting more efficient?

When drivers face a breakdown, they have to both notify their fleet manager and get themselves roadside assistance, but they need to ensure that they have access to their breakdown service information too. Breakdown reporting helps simplify the event. Through RAM Assist's seamless integration, each driver, as well as the fleet manager, has access to the breakdown service information, providing the details of the event allows the fleet manager to effectively communicate with roadside assistance. By having their current location, they can ensure that roadside assistance is able to get to them quickly to provide them with help

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