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Dash cameras for fleet vehicles

Crash-for-cash scenarios are on the rise, and this often means that the victims of these crimes end up not being the criminal themselves, but the driver that has been targeted instead. How can you be sure that your drivers are keeping to best driving practices when they are out on the road and you are in the office? You want to be able to help them in these scenarios but without evidence, it will go in the favor of the driver who has been hit into.

The most simple solution to help exonerate your drivers, to help lower your insurance premiums and to claim back where incidents have been historically in dispute is to simply install a fleet cam. Whether you are looking to install one of our dash cam solutions into a car or truck or you're interested in our range of cameras for your vehicles to help provide you with peace of mind over any driver safety issues whether it be accidents on the road or their driving behaviour, you need the best dash cam for fleet vehicles 


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What is a dash cam?

Plain and simply, fleet dash cam solutions are a small camera that is dedicated to recording the driver's journey, these fleet dashcams have a wide-angle lens, so they can capture everything in front of you. 

  •  A fleet management dash cam is mounted to a vehicle's windscreen, they don't require the driver to press a power button at the start and end of a journey, they automatically turn on when you start your engine
  • You can have them jump to life and start recording in the event that the fleet dash cams detect movement, this is perfect for if you frequently park on the street or where other cars may bump into you. (This feature must be manually turned on)
  • Fleet dash cam systems typically have a 130-150 degree viewing angle to ensure that a significant field of vision is covered whilst recording.
  • Footage that you receive from your dash cam is timestamped, this makes it ideal in the event of needing any evidence for in the event of a crash
  • Commercial dash cameras are completely tamper-proof, so no footage can be deleted without authorisation.

Dash cam front and rear?

If you utilize our hard-wired fleet cam that are professionally installed, you can guarantee an almost invisible placement everytime.

There are 3 main types of fleet dash cams 

  • A front facing dash camera - as the name suggests, this captures everything that is in front of the vehicle; from pedestrians stepping out into the road or the vehicle that is in front of you, these types of cameras capture everything that the driver sees
  • Front and back dash camera - this will help you to not only capture anything in front of you but also everything that is behind you. This is an important addition as a lot of collisions will take place at low speeds and quite frequently they involve rear-end incidents
  • Internal facing (cabin view) - this type of fleet cam allows you to keep an eye on your driver. From looking at their driving habits to seeing if they have ther full concentration on the road.

Our fleet vehicle cameras that we offer are the latest-in-technology and will provide you with all of the top features to ensure that nothing is missed. Our dash cam solutions will ensure you recieve a quality picture that is crisp regardless of the condition that your employees are driving in.


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Dash cams and insurance claims

Whilst dash cams are legal in the United States, without the need for a license or documentation, some states are strict on anything being mounted on the windshield. But worry not, our experienced installers will know the best place to position your dash cam so you get the best use out of it. You must also be aware that recording audio without other parties knowledge is deemed as illegal. If you decide that you want to record audio, then you need to make any person getting in the vehicle fully aware of the audio recording. As a general, we mute as a preferred installation. We do recomment that you use our installers, as, they will know the best position for the fleet dashcams to be positioned to not block the view of the driver.

Our commercial dash cameras do not have a screen either, this is to prevent drivers becoming distracted which could potentially negate any insurance claim blaming distracted driving as the reason for the incident.

If you have a passenger in your vehicle, you have a legal obligation to inform them:

  • You have internal fleet dash cams which is being used as a security and safety benefit (this is in the scenario of a taxi or chauffeuring service)
  • Your business has chosen to allow for audio recording within the vehicle, this falls under privacy laws, ensure you are not breaching these laws.

It's becoming more and more clear to insurance companies the effect that fleet dash cams have on drivers, helping them to improve their driving efforts and to be able to bring forward effective FNOL (first notification of loss) to the insurance company. This evidence assists the driver and of course the company as it often leads to a reduction in insurance premiums which often helps to subsidise the service.

A lot of road accidents aren't clear-cut, especially if there are a lack of witnesses around at the time. So, when fighting tooth and nail when it is just your word against the word of another driver, using fleet dash cam solutions can be what swings it in favour of your driver. This can save excess costs as well as hikes to the insurance premiums.


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Car video recorder (DVR) vs Standard Dash cam

We have two main types of commercial dash cameras and they are split by the way that the content is not only stored, but also delivered to you.

  • SD Card Full 1080p HD resolution dash cam for fleet vehicles  
    • This is the more affordable option and therefore the more accessible choice
    • This can record for up to 180 hours and the footage is stored on an SD Card
    • Stores any and all incidents of note
    • The SD Card must be removed from the device to download and clear footage 
    • 140 degree viewing angle minimises recording blind spots
    • Capable of producing fantastic footage even at night
    • Warns your driver of upcoming speed cameras
    • Front vehicle departure warning in traffic conditions 

Find out more information on commercial dash cams

  • 4G Connected Streaming fleet management dash cam   
    • A more expensive piece of hardware
    • Ultimate cloud streaming 
    • Provide FNOL  to insurance provider within the hour
    • There is no requirement to clear an SD card from time to time
    • Have access to footage for up to 90 days
    • AI event detection records any incident
    • Wide-angle camera minimises blind spots.

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Dash cam features explained

Certain accidents occur when the driver is not present in their vehicle, if your drivers take their company vehicles home or if they are parking on a street during a job, you might find that another driver hits into your vehicle but doesn't leave their information - they may try to drive away before anyone notices. Our fleet dash cam solutions are designed to detect collisions and spring into action, recording vital evidence before the driver gets away.

  • Our fleet vehicle cameras offer you an energy-saving option that reduces the overall power consumption by a third. giving you 3x more video recording time.
  • If your vehicle is parked for a long time or is even left on the street whilst you're on a job our fleet dash cams are designed to record 20 seconds of footage upon impact (this is a feature that you must turn on)
  • Our commercial dash cameras utilize the WDR function to ensure that at all times of the day you will be able to see the recording even if the conditions are incredibly bright (bright sunlight, coming out of a tunnel, etc.)
  • With a powerful enhanced sensor our fleet cams can take on night-time recording with ease whilst still delivering excellent, high quality images. If there is an incident at night, you can still see everything that happened.
  • Our dash cam solutions can hold up to the worst-case scenario. If during an accident the power supply were to be disconnected, you don't want to lose all to valuable recordings, the failsafe recording uses a supercapacitor as a back up to keep the recording of the incident safe to be used for insurance purposes and even as evidence if required.
  • Our commercial dash cams utilize an SD card which uses a file allocation table eliminating the need for manual formatting of recorded video files. This helps you get the most out of your SD Card, extending the standard life of it.
  • No matter what Operating System your business uses, you can use any PC to view the file and there is no requirement to convert the files. They are ready for use immediately.

Many customers of ours will utilize our fleet dash cam systems alongside their existing vehicle tracking services. If you are looking for fleet vehicle cameras as well as a powerful GPS tracking system for vans, cars or trucks, we can offer you a variety of bundle packages which will help to save your business money. Get in touch with our sales team today or book a demo.

For additional information on our fleet dash cams, please see our FAQs below


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