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Here at RAM Tracking, we’re committed to helping fleet managers monitor their drivers’ performance with ease. Our GPS vehicle and fleet management software solutions are available for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs with company cars to large enterprises with ever-growing fleets.

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Why RAM Tracking for fleets?

RAM Tracking is one of the market leaders in GPS fleet tracking. The system is easy to use for both drivers and fleet managers. It helps them to:

  • Get to their destinations quickly.
  • Cutting fuel wastage. 
  • Boosting efficiencies.
  • Minimize admin time.

Small improvements can add up to big gains on your bottom line. Our thousands of customers tell us they improved fleet productivity on average by 18% following the implementation of our fleet trackers.

With 24-hour tracking using fleet telematics you have full visibility on whether your drivers are taking the optimum routes, or whether they’re spending a lot of time idling throughout the day. You can even help your drivers get back on track more quickly if they get lost en route to their next destination.

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What are the benefits of fleet tracking software?

There are a whole host of benefits to using our fleet tracking software. Here’s a comprehensive list of why RAM is one of the top companies for GPS fleet tracking in the USA:

  • Efficient routing.
  • Closest unit job allocation.
  • Vehicle speed checking.
  • Accurate ETAs.
  • Cutting unnecessary journeys.
  • Reducing admin time.

Image of a van driver adhering to his schedule with fleet tracking.

Improve fleet driver behavior

If your fleet has begun with frequent wear and tear and has therefore had to start going to the garage for vehicle maintenance more frequently, you may find that it is due to your drivers' driving behavior. 

With RAM Tracking, a group report to see driver behavior which allows you to see how many instances of:

  • Speeding. 
  • Idling. 
  • Harsh braking.
  • Rapid acceleration.

Finally, each driver receives a score, all of this information means that you can see which drivers did particularly poorly over the time period and see if it matches up with the vehicles that are frequently requiring additional maintenance.

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Key Features


Fleet tracking 24/7 means you know where your vehicles are and how well they are being driven. Stay updated on every move.


Reduce fuel costs and idling time with better driving, skip unnecessary journeys and track private use of your fleet vehicles.


Our intelligent fleet management system is easy to use, fully customizable and provides you with flexible reporting.


RAM Tracking score highly for exceptional customer service and voted as one of the best tracking companies in the USA.

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