Is there a process if the worst happens?

Whilst everyone hopes it doesn't happen, it's incredibly important that your drivers are aware of how to receive help should they get into an accident. Accident reports through RAM Assist ensures that should the worst happen, your driver is able to get assistance, quickly and easily whilst capturing all the information they need. 

A dark blue car has crashed into the side of another dark blue car. In the bottom right the Accident Report feature of RAM Assist is on an iPhone

How does it work?

Should a driver get into an accident RAM Assist is immediately available to alert their fleet manager of what has just happened. We set it up to ensure that even though a driver is likely to be shaken up by the accident, they just ahve to record a voice note and they can get everything across that they need to. This voice recorder can also be used to collect eyewitness reports as to what happened providing additional evidence to back up what your driver said.

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What to do in the event of an accident

Everyone believes that they would be able to remain calm in the event of an accident, but that can all change when an accident actually occurs. Accidents start and finish before you even realize what has happened, but we want to make sure that your drivers are ready in case the worst happens. RAM Assist allows you to just simply record your voice and explain your version of events so a driver that is potentially shaken up over the events that have just happened doesn't have to focus on typing.

A dark blue car has crashed into the back of a black car

Immediately after the accident

How you may react on paper could be very different from how you actually react in this high-stress situation.

What to do after an accident has finished:

  • Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so - it is an offence not to
  • Switch your engine off
  • Turn your hazard lights on, this alerts other drivers that you are not moving and if it is dark, it ensures that you are seen
  • Firstly, check yourself for any injuries, then check any passengers
  • If it is a minor collision and there are no injuries, make a note of this in the event the other vehicle tries to make an injury claim
  • If appropriate, call the emergency services
  • It's normal to be shaken up, but take a few breaths and take stock of the situation. It's important not to lose your temper
  • Don't apologize or take responsibility until you're aware of what actually happened - this protects you from liability if it wasn't your fault.

A Police siren lit up

When should I call the police?

There are certain times that calling the police to the incident is the correct thing to do. Make sure that you call the police if:

  • The other vehicle flees the scene before they have taken the time to swap information with you
  • You believe that the other driver may not have insurance or that they this is a DUI situation
  • You believe the accident was caused to commit insurance fraud (crash-for-cash

It's important that you alert the police regarding the incident within the first 24 hours of it occuring - without doing so, you could end up with points on your licence as well as a fine. In some scenarios, you may even be disqualified from driving.

Two drivers exchanging information after they have crashed.

Exchanging motoring details

It's important that both drivers take the time to step out of their vehicles and swap information, not only do you have to do this from a perspective of the law, but it gives you good time to calm down and collect yourself.

  • The law says that you must exchange your name and address with everyone involved if the accident has caused damage and/or injury
  • Exchange insurance information and details with the driver of any of drivers involved in the incident
  • Take down details of your passengers and take the time to collect information from any witnesses too
  • Is the driver the registered owner of the vehicle? They may be driving a company car, if so, find out the registered owner and collect that information too
  • If a foreign lorry is involved collect the numbers of the lorry and its trailer (as they can be different. Take down the company name too if it is painted on the side of the lorry.

A woman in a black blazer is taking photos on her phone of the accident that just happened between a grey and silver car

What needs to be recorded at the accident scene?

Collecting information whilst you're still at the scene of the accident will really help your case. 

Things that we recommend to record:

  • Make, model, colour and even the number plate of the vehicle(s) involved in the incident. (One quick photo of the back of the vehicle(s) will make this a lot easier.
  • Date and time the accident occured
  • What were the driving conditions like? (Weather, lighting, road quality)
  • What damage has your vehicle sustained and where?
  • What injuries have been sustained and who by?
  • The names and contact details of any eye-witnesses

Remember, that if this incident involved private property or you hit a parked vehicle (i.e. the damage that was caused was inflicted on someone who was not around to witness the accident and couldn't swap information with you) you should leave a note providing them with your information.

Whilst some people may drive away, being honest could actually prove to be your savior, as if a CCTV camera, dash camera or even just an eye witness caught what happened and they report the incident, you will end up in serious trouble due to leaving the scene of an accident.

a woman in a brown jacket on her phone after getting in a car accident

Accident reporting in RAM Assist

RAM Assist is the perfect tool for your drivers and reporting an accident couldn't be easier. Firstly, the app knows your license plate due to your log-in details, also, it knows where the accident took place as it uses GPS technology. Then you will need to go through the accident report step-by-step:

Incident details

  • What type of incident occured?
  • You then provide a voice recording of the events (you can also collect eye-witness details
  • Have you or anyone in the vehicle sustained an injury due to this incident?
  • What date and time did this incident occur?

Other parties

  • Was there another vehicle involved in this accident?
  • Are there any witnesses to this?


Please take photos of the following:

  • Your vehicle and the damage it sustained
  • Any other vehicle and the damage it has sustained
  • Scene and surroundings

RAM Assist makes it an easy process to run through an accident report allowing you to give your fleet manager all of the information they require.

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