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Vehicle trackers and vehicle tracker systems with great efficiency for...

Building & Allied Trades

Building & Allied Trades

On site, on time, on budget

How much time and money is wasted by vehicles not being on site when they're needed? RAM Tracking ends the guesswork.

One of the best-proven vehicle tracking solutions, RAM's real-time cloud-based system is easy and intuitive to use. From van trackers for small companies to truck tracking systems for large fleets, we help you find and fix the wastage eating money off your bottom line.

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Delivery & Transport

Delivery & Transport

Tight schedules need tight control

Just-in-time logistics demands ever-tighter delivery windows, but which customers are keeping your expensive vehicles waiting on site, delaying everyone else?

RAM's fleet tracking system provides real-time cloud-based monitoring and management. Intuitive to use, our vehicle tracker automates communication & reporting, cutting admin work and proving performance for tough service level agreements.

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All Other Sectors

All Other Sectors

Waste less, earn more

Drivers are human. They make mistakes, wrong turns, and unauthorised visits to favourite sandwich shops. RAM asset tracking software monitors them in real-time so you don't have to.

RAM provides one of the best-proven GPS vehicle tracking systems, that's easy and intuitive to use. It helps you get drivers to their destinations, cutting waste and boosting efficiency and it helps you cut admin time, automating communication and reporting.

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RAM's Vehicle Trackers give greater:

Knowing every vehicle's location and speed in real time means you can manage resources more effectively.

No more wrong turns, inefficient cruising speed, wasted time or unauthorised detours, saving fuel and overtimes bills.

Money saved goes back on your bottom line. A more efficient operation means you could cut the fleet size and still do more.

RAM doesn't just cut costs, it gives a competitive edge for securing business. Using vehicles better means faster customer response and detailed reports prove SLA performance.

The market leading vehicle tracking devices that RAM use have been invested in heavily for development and research, giving our customers the best vehicle trackers in the market.

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  • Fast, easy vehicle tracker installation
  • No upfront fees or hidden costs
  • Safe data storage
  • Cloud-based 24/7 solution, giving easy access from any device

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