Driver Safety

Dash cams are often associated with accidents and theft, but they can also be used to help protect and prevent drivers from dangerous driving habits or harm. Most dash cams come equipped with high definition lenses, high storage capacity and even audio recording. Combined together, these three things create an incredibly useful tool to help improve driver safety.

Internet giant – Google – issued a report earlier in 2018 stating that drivers “feel supported on the road with a second set of eyes. They want protection, as well as proof, in case of an incident”.

Educating drivers

No driver likes to be told what they’ve done wrong and explaining a situation can often be difficult to communicate after the event. Video footage allows businesses to forensically dissect a potential accident  and go through it frame by frame to determine who was at fault and what could the driver do better. Furthermore, historical video footage can be used to highlight some of the risks and challenges other drivers have faced so that they can learn from their mistakes.

Protecting drivers

For many businesses, dash cams are a great tool for protecting the driver. In the taxi or delivery industry, a dash cam can be used to dispute malicious claims from passengers or customers. Dash cams can act as deterrents to would-be thieves from causing harm to the vehicle or driver.

Monitoring driver behaviour

Dash cam footage or technology like live streaming dash cams can be used by businesses to ensure that their drivers are continuing to drive to the highest safety standards. [SN1] Intervention or communication can then be made to avoid risk of harm to the driver, passengers and vehicle.

Reaction in accidents

Dash cams like our 3G dash cam can be used by businesses in the event of an accident. Using 3G connectivity, businesses can immediately locate their driver, review the footage and communicate with the driver. Having a visual image of what’s happened and what’s going on could prove to be incredibly useful for recovering the driver and providing emergency services with crucial information about the accident.


We don’t actually do this, what we do is have a speeding league table which highlights in a league format those drivers that have been speeding colour coding it by severity so you can quickly see who’s speeding and spot repeat offenders.