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Driver safety

Dash cams are often associated with accidents and theft, but they can also be used to help protect and prevent drivers from dangerous driving habits or harm. Most dash cams come equipped with high definition lenses, high storage capacity and even audio recording. Combined together, these three things create an incredibly useful tool to allow for driver monitoring and help to improve driver safety.

The UK's roads are busier than ever and traffic continues to grow. Busy roads make for more difficult driving conditions and as a result, more fleet managers and drivers are purchasing dash cams for fleet monitoring and to record everything happening around them - to protect themselves in the event of an accident. 

Dash cam footage can help fleet managers to better understand the driving habits of their staff and as a result, tailor any driver training to suit. Any footage can help to promote better driver safety and overall risk performance of a company's fleet.


Key Features


Video footage can dissect a potential accident or impact and determine fault. It can also improve driver behaviour.


A dash cam can be used to dispute malicious claims from passengers or customers. Dash cams can act as deterrents to would-be thieves.


Dash cam footage can be used by businesses to ensure their drivers are driving to the highest safety standards.


Using 3G connectivity, businesses can immediately locate their driver, review the footage and communicate with the driver.

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