Construction projects have many moving parts, so it’s critical you are able to manage all your vehicular and equipment assets. Place a RAM Tracking GPS tracking device in every truck, backhoe, loader, etc. and you’ll know everything about their movements and locations.

Two construction workers in white hardhats and high visibility looking over the project plans

Eliminate confusion when you manage multiple fleets and sites

Most construction projects are a complexity of unique truck, equipment and materials requirements – but it all must be coordinated in real-time. You can be prepared for any challenge, however, with RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking system.

In many cases, the challenge is delivering different assets to different sites, and often simultaneously. Sometimes, you must manage and dispatch some trucks and equipment from one site to other sites while other assets must remain at the original site.

We developed (and constantly upgrade) our GPS tracking software just to prepare you for and keep you ahead of whatever challenges you and your projects face every day. Access your tracking dashboard from any device, from anywhere for complete visibility of your vehicles and equipment’s locations.

3 male construction workers sitting in a row laughing, all of them are wearing high visibility jackets and one white, one yellow and one blue hard hats

Managing the Human Element Is Also Critical

You’re not just managing inanimate objects – construction trucks and equipment – you must also manage your people just as efficiently and precisely. With so many variables that can affect a relatively simple journey from your facility to a construction site, you must almost be inside the head of your drivers and other personnel.

Our devices and software haven’t reach that level (yet), but our GPS tracking system allows you to monitor your personnel in real-time. You’ll know when they take a wrong turn, are stopped in congested traffic or make authorized or unauthorized stops. From the tracking dashboard, you can quickly return them to the route, find and share an alternative route around congestion or accidents and learn why they’ve stopped and put them back in motion immediately.

Thorough training sessions and performance reviews will help your people develop a positive attitude about your use of RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking system. Remind them constantly how it benefits them: safety, efficiency, protecting the company’s bottom line and their jobs, which result in more opportunities to share in the success of a growing company.

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