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Today’s courier business environment is so competitive that one misstep or missed or late delivery can cause you to suffer a major setback to your bottom line and your reputation. Protecting both starts with the use of RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking device, mobile app and dashboard.

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Business benefits of vehicle tracking to the courier and delivery industry

If you manage or own a courier or delivery business in the US, installing RAM Tracking devices could help revolutionize the way you manage your fleet and save you thousands from low productivity. The business benefits for installing a vehicle tracker include;


  • Reduced gas costs
  • Prove/ disprove customer complaints re. time of arrival
  • Improved driver safety
  • Improved route planning & driving efficiency
  • More detailed customer service response
  • Anti-theft prevention for vehicles

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Take More Control of Your Diverse Courier Fleet with RAM Tracking GPS

Real-time management of your courier fleet is absolutely essential, as it may consist of a multitude of vehicles unlikely to be found at most other businesses. Whether your fleet includes trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, drones, robots or good old shoe leather, you must know where they are throughout your business day, and from wherever you located. 

As your couriers follow an ambitious daily schedule, they are moving through the dense traffic of a business district or crowded suburban streets or traveling long distances via freeways or distant rural roads. All of this exposes your drivers (and even foot couriers) to traffic congestion and accidents, severe weather events and other unforeseen obstacles.

Your business simply can’t afford much or any disruptions of these kinds. Relying on RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking system, however, will give you the tools to route, re-route, substitute and assist your couriers wherever they might be and whatever travel challenges they may face.

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The Secret Sauce to More Daily Deliveries – and Revenues

As a busy manager of a US courier service, you may not notice the small amounts of time throughout your typical day that are wasted or used inefficiently. They may be only a few minutes here and some seconds there, but their total is a considerable amount of time. 

You may not initially notice how many of those minutes and seconds you’ll start to save after adding RAM Tracking’s GPS system to your business-building toolbox. It won’t take long, however, before they are converted to more daily deliveries – and revealed in those growing black numbers on your bottom line.

Not only will RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking solution help you find the time to add more deliveries, but also make those deliveries faster and more accurately and efficiently. That’s how you build a reputation and installing GPS tracking devices on all your vehicles give you that competitive edge 24/7.

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Improve the Protection of Your Courier Fleet

With so many kinds of vehicles and other delivery conveyances in your courier fleet, you are particularly vulnerable to theft, vandalism and similar nefarious activities. You can’t protect them all 24/7, but you can know where they are located after the end of every day and around the clock. 

Even if a criminal is clever enough to remove the GPS tracker, you’ll know its last location, which can help you and law enforcement track the culprit and recover your stolen fleet asset.

Because motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, drones and robots are much smaller than trucks, cars and vans, thieves consider them much easier targets. Equipping each with a RAM Tracking GPS device can serve as a deterrent during a theft and with the mobile app on your phone, you can easily check their status after hours. 

Vehicle tracking features


Dashboards allows users to log in and track their fleet from any location. This functionality is useful for providing real-time monitoring.


Live telematics data provides accurate estimated time of arrival. Helping our customers to accurately project where their vehicles are.


Avoid unnecessary costs by monitoring vehicle usage and ensuring all gas claimed is being properly used.


Ensure drivers are responsible and within the legal speed limit. Alerts notify fleet managers if drivers exceed the speed limit.

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