As an electrical contractor, you must manage the movement of your trucks and equipment, efficiently and accurately. Adding RAM Tracking’s GPS device to every vehicle can give you the competitive advantage to accept more jobs, complete them on time and on budget and boost your reputation to attract a growing list of happy customers.

Electrician plugging in red wire

Be Better Prepared for Emergency and Power Restoration Calls

Many electrical jobs are emergency situations or an immediate need to restore power to residential neighborhoods; critical services, such as hospitals; and businesses and industries large and small that aren’t productive without electricity.

With RAM Tracking’s GPS system, you’ll be able to dispatch trucks and personnel quickly as well as manage the often-complex task of moving them from one big job to multiple smaller jobs and re-routing them when an emergency takes precedent.

Fleet management confusion and delays could cause crews to think they must hurry through jobs to complete them within a shorter period of time. This, of course, can lead to less-than-perfect work and even injuries and destruction of property.

Having a firm, real-time understanding of where your trucks, equipment and people are now and where they must be for all succeeding jobs is one of the best ways to give them adequate time to finish every job successfully and safely.

Person using RAM Tracking software

The Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Puts Your Business on the Right Track

With RAM Tracking’s GPS vehicle tracking system and software, you benefit first with better fleet management. A deeper benefit is how much their use contributes to the growth of your bottom line, becoming a leaner, more productive business and boosting your local reputation.

It’s not just time-efficiency and time-savings you’ll experience with RAM Tracking as your partner, you’ll also have better control of mileage usage and thus fuel and maintenance costs. Improving your fleet management leads to fewer stops at the pumps and trucks and equipment with longer maintenance intervals.

Your reputation and local community standing also has a significant effect on your bottom line, if only indirectly. Undoubtedly, your trucks are emblazoned with your name and contact information and your crews may wear work clothes with your name and logo. Knowing where your trucks/drivers are at all times (and from wherever you are) and their situation helps to eliminate or significantly reduce poor driving behaviour or unauthorized use of your vehicles, all of which could negate the goodwill you’ve generated for years.

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