The Canadian growing season is short, so every landscaping customer expects on-time deliveries and highly productive crews completing projects quickly and efficiently. You can make more customers happy and serve more of them when you have optimal control of the movement of your landscaping trucks, equipment and crews. You can carry that control with you wherever you go with a RAM Tracking’s GPS device in every vehicle and the app on your phone. 

Landscaper laying a roll of grass

Make Your Competition Green with Envy

With the reliable and affordable RAM Tracking GPS tracking system serving as the backbone of your fleet management, your competitors will think your business is everywhere. You’ll leave them scratching their heads unable to understand why you seem to be accepting and completing more deliveries and projects faster than ever.

They won’t know you have a secret weapon in your pocket: RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking system. Wherever you’re working or located, you can immediately know the status of every truck, piece of equipment and crew member. By spending less time managing them while you’re working, you can focus on the landscaping project or customer request at hand and be less concerned they are on the job. 

Neither will your competition understand why your crews seem more professional and productive. It’s because your drivers will appreciate a tracking system that allows for more self-management and instills a renewed confidence you trust them to contribute to every delivery and project’s efficiency. 

Gardener laying stone path

Keep Both Eyes on Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Landscaping is both an art and a science, which means there many variables involved in serving your customers – plant selection, weather, pests, soil, light conditions and many more. These are foremost in your mind, leaving less capacity and time to manage your fleet of trucks and equipment and your crews.

Not to worry! With RAM Tracking’s GPS vehicle tracking system, you’ll be able to track your fleet more efficiently, requiring less of your time, so you can concentrate on the business elements that deserve more of your attention. Access your dashboard from any device, from anywhere for complete visibility of your vehicles’ locations. You’ll also be able to monitor their routes, travel and onsite time usage, gauge fuel efficiency and assess driver productivity in real-time.

Reducing vehicle and crew downtime is critical to an efficient operation and maximum daily revenues. With the help of the RAM Tracking system, you’ll know when a job or a delivery is completed. 

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