When customers call you, they want a speedy and efficient solution of their problems – there is a leak, a break or a total loss of service. To deliver on their expectations, you must first have complete control of your fleet, equipment and personnel assets. You can rely on RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking device, software and dashboard to give you that control just as much as your customers rely on you to put their households and businesses back in order.

Plumber's tools laid out on the floor whilst he works

Find More Time to Serve More Customers

They are sometimes difficult to detect, but there are small amounts of time throughout the typical day at your plumbing business that are wasted or used inefficiently. They may be individually insignificant, but add them together and they represent a substantial amount of time. Once you start using RAM Tracking’s GPS system, you’ll be able to maximize the use of that time to serve more customers and maximize revenues.

Being a local plumbing contractor is extremely competitive: if you don’t answer a call quickly and just as quickly solve a customer’s problem, he or she will be calling another plumber. Knowing where your trucks/drivers are at all times (and from wherever you are), you’re able to dispatch them to priority jobs and re-route another truck in case the first truck is delayed in traffic, has an emergency or is in the middle of an accident.

Your customers may not know RAM Tracking’s GPS system allows you to respond quicker and more efficiently to their calls, but your drivers and crews will – and they’ll appreciate you’ve equipped them with a tool that helps them every day. That creates employee loyalty and motivates your personnel to excel, knowing you and RAM Tracking have their back. 

Worker performing vehicle checks on his van

With RAM Tracking’s GPS Tracking APP Your Entire Fleet and Crews Are Always in Your Pocket

Many plumber contractors are small businesses and you may be one of them. If so, then you are likely on jobs throughout the day too, which makes it even more difficult to find time to manage your fleet and crews effectively.

RAM Tracking has made that process much easier with its GPS tracking app. Wherever you’re working or located, you can immediately know the status of every truck, piece of equipment and team member. By spending less time managing them while you’re working, you can focus on the plumbing problem at hand and be less concerned they are on the job.

Having that quick, immediate and total control of your fleet and personnel is just as important when you are a sub for a construction project. The complexities, intricacies and tight schedules of these projects require your complete attention regardless of what you are doing and where you are.

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