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Be the Hero of Every Customer’s Demanding Equipment Need

To be the hero for any customer’s unexpected need, every Canadian equipment rental business must be ready to dispatch trucks in many directions, simultaneously. Once there are on the road, it’s even more important to track their every movement. RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking device, mobile app and dashboard are the tools you need to deliver that kind of accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features

Vehicle Location

Immediately locate a vehicle with pinpoint accuracy in a matter of seconds. Manage, monitor and measure the usage of a fleet easily.

Driver Reports

Powerful automated reporting can protect against damaging driving behaviour that could reduce the residual value of the vehicle.

Mileage Usage

Accurate vehicle mileage reports remind the driver/customer of any mileage limits that were agreed as part of the contract.


Record, notify and contact the appropriate contact with automated alerts in the event of any breaches in agreement.

Track Your Fleet Assets Easier and with Less Stress

Track Your Fleet Assets Easier and with Less Stress

With numerous pieces of equipment you rent, any customer, current or new, could ask for an immediate or precisely scheduled delivery. A construction site needs a specific tool or a business seminar starts in an hour and there aren’t enough chairs.

You know how much stress these and other unexpected requests of equipment and demanding delivery dated and timed put on you and your people – and even your vehicles. Although there will always be some stress, equipping your business with the RAM Tracking GPS system will minimize that stress and even put smiles on your people and customers’ faces.

Whatever equipment your delivery must absolutely, positively arrive and be unloaded according to customers’ very critical instructions. To deliver on this promise, you must know where your vehicles are at all times and no GPS tracking system is more reliable and affordable to do that job than RAM Tracking’s.

Discover More Time to Pursue New Business

Discover More Time to Pursue New Business

If it seems like you spend too much time fighting fires; filing orders; and managing personnel, inventory and vehicles, then RAM Tracking’s software is your perfect administrative partner. 

Fleet management is more than tracking their routes (although very important), it’s also generating reports to account for and analyze drivers’ time, mileage, fuel usage, maintenance schedules and costs. 

For example, with our telematics software, you can generate an engine idling report. Some idling is expected, but you’ll easily notice when it exceeds the norm and can quickly address the situation with the driver. The tracking of just one data point of this type can result in significant savings and increased productivity.

You can rely on the RAM Tracking system to reduce your administrative time, record keeping and data analysis. You may surprisingly discover you have more time to network, make sales calls and customer follow-up discussions, which are the highest value use of your time.

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