Builders and contractors work with tight (sometimes seemingly impossible) schedules to satisfy their clients’ expectations. When your roofing company is a member of the team, your workers and materials must arrive on-time and be ready to complete their portion of every project, quickly, safely and efficiently.

Roofer attaching red tiles to a slanted roof

Easily Manage All Your Roofing Teams and Their Trucks

To maximize the number of roofing jobs you can handle and complete in a given period of time, you need the best GPS tracking device available today – and in Canada, that’s RAM Tracking.

Your builder clients won’t tolerate late arrivals of crews and materials and if you are managing a fleet of trucks and workers every day for a multitude of projects, then you want a RAM Tracking GPS tracker in every vehicle.

From RAM Tracking’s intuitive fleet management dashboard, you’ll know exactly where everyone and every truck is located in real-time. You can immediately help lost drivers take the fastest route to a job site or re-route them from road construction delays, accidents, adverse weather conditions and other unexpected events.

You’ll also be able to monitor and control any off-site travel (coffee breaks, lunch, emergencies, etc.), so your teams are being as productive as possible. Then, you can use the reports generated from the RAM Tracking system to review the comprehensive data and share insights about how your crews can improve their efficiency.

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Safeguard Your Company’s Image

With contact information and marketing messages adorning many surfaces of your vehicles, you don’t want your crews’ poor or inappropriate driving behavior to ruin your positive image in the community and with your customers. 

The RAM Tracking GPS tracking app makes it easy to know when your drivers are not following company policies and the rules of the road, such as speed limits, tailgating and driving too fast during adverse weather conditions. When your workers drive carelessly, fuel costs can escalate too.

You want your crews and trucks to arrive at building sites on time, but speeding and dangerous road maneuvers can harm your business even more than delayed arrivals. Plus, such behaviors can result in damaged vehicles and materials and even worker injuries. These incidents can be expensive not just to your reputation, but also because of repair costs, material replacement and workers compensation claims.

RAM Tracking’s GPS fleet tracking will reduce much of the stress of these situations, give you more real-time control and provide you with the data for review and training to address these behaviours.

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