In most cases, building and other scaffolding-dependent projects can’t proceed until you deliver customers’ orders on time and on budget. It’s a very simple yardstick your customers can use to judge your business. You can position yourself to receive a positive verdict when you rely on RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking system. Manage your fleet assets quickly and easily from our mobile app, giving you 24/7, real-time control of every vehicle and every job.

Scaffolding covered in blue netting

Time Is No Longer Your Enemy

As with many businesses that deliver equipment and materials, your biggest obstacle is time. Your business will succeed or fail based on how many customers you can serve (and serve well) during any given day. Relying on Canada’s best vehicle GPS tracking system will transform time from an enemy to an ally.

You can expect (or hope) no disruptions when you dispatch your trucks and crews to make deliveries, but once they hit the road, a multitude of events can occur to stop those deliveries in their tracks. With the RAM Tracking system in hand, you’ll know the locations of your trucks and crews in real-time and notice excessive idling or unscheduled stops.

Whether the cause of the delay is road conditions, weather, road construction, accidents or emergencies, you can contact your driver and guide him or her to an alternative route. If your truck and crew were involved in an accident, then you can take immediate steps to re-route a recently emptied truck to the scene. Within minutes, the crew can transfer the scaffolding order to their empty truck and proceed with the delivery.

Two workers wearing hard hats on scaffolding

Creating a More Productive Canadian Scaffolding Business Starts with Better Fleet Management

RAM Tracking’s GPS vehicle tracking system and software were primarily developed (and continually upgraded) to give you the tools to improve fleet management. At another level, our products also contribute to the growth of your bottom line as you’re able to serve more clients during an average day.

Cutting costs and saving money is the first strategy to increase and protect your bottom line. Our GPS tracking technology allows you to manage your trucks and crews more efficiently. They’ll quickly learn how RAM Tracking GPS makes their jobs easier, reducing stress and very likely contributing to safer driving habits.

It’s not just time-efficiency and time-savings you’ll experience with RAM Tracking as your partner, you’ll also have better control of mileage usage and thus fuel and maintenance costs. Improving your fleet management leads to fewer stops at the pumps and trucks and equipment with longer maintenance intervals.

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