Telematics is where telecommunication meets information. In summary, telematics is the transmission of data across telecommunication. Telematics usually involves transmission, receiving and analysis of this data in real-time in order to deduct specific insights.

In regards to telematics fleet tracking it is specifically about the use of real-time transport data from fleet vehicles in order to improve business cost, productivity and operational efficiency.

Vehicles on the highway

How does telematics work?

Telematics tracking works by using GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking devices to transmit data such as speed, location, time, driver information and vehicle identification. This data is bounced of a satellite to a receiver where specialist software interprets and presents the data so it’s easy to comprehend.

Whilst transmitting and receiving the data is hugely important, without state-of-the-art vehicle tracking software, no insights can ever be deduced from the data.

Truck pulling out of building

What does telematics software tell businesses?

A fleet telematics system like RAM Tracking is able to provide hundreds of insights and outputs. Just a handful of examples include:

  • Real-time location of vehicles
  • How long a vehicle has been stationary
  • Current and past speed of vehicle
  • Speeding alerts when drivers exceed the national speed limit
  • Traffic congestion on the road network
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders
  • Cost of reduced gas usage
  • Distance travelled
  • Average response time
  • Duration of journey i.e. to spot drivers who have exceeded the legal limit
  • Vehicle usage in out of office hours

What are the benefits of telematics?

Telematics software like RAM Tracking allows businesses to measure and identify any potential issues caused by their mobility strategy.

  • Recognizing issues such as idling, out of office usage and speeding can lead to business actions that can help cut costs and improve operational productivity.
  • The real-time nature of telematics vehicle tracking means that all your data is recorded all of the time. This avoids the stress and hassle of trying to calculate these insights and costs manually once every year. It also allows you to understand your business in greater detail and as such, make better decisions to improve performance.
  • RAM Tracking telematics software is accessible anywhere in the world through our website or via a bespoke mobile app.
  • Recording historical data helps businesses with accident or speeding claims. Such evidence can prove invaluable in court and help reduce legal fees.
  • Encouraging safer driving by using telematics as a deterrent/proof of safe driving has helped companies worldwide reduce their insurance premiums across their fleet.

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