Car Tracking

Our car tracking technology allows businesses allow over Canada to utilise GPS vehicle tracking systems to protect against theft, damage through dangerous driving and reduce fuel expenditure. 

GPS vehicle trackers are used in their hundreds of thousands across the globe to help businesses make better sense of their company car usage and generate large-scale reporting on items such as speeding, weekend usage, proof of work and journey planning. Canadian businesses can have GPS trackers installed into their fleet of cars and quickly receive useful insight to help make improvements that reduce fuel costs, improve driver safety and let them know where their business vehicles are at any given time.

Our GPS car tracking devices and software also helps Canadian businesses reduce the amount of time spent filing and finding the paperwork. Because all of the vehicle tracking data is secured digitally, your team can access and analyze automated reports about business journeys in a matter of seconds. 

Whether you want to include GPS vehicle tracking across the Director's personal cars or want to install our units across an entire company car fleet, you'll always receive honest, friendly and reliable guidance from our expert team.

Why do so many Canadian businesses use our tracking devices for cars

RAM Tracking is one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in Canada for a number of reasons. Firstly, we provide unparalleled customer service to ensure a reliable and informative customer experience. Secondly, our GPS vehicle tracking system is amongst one of the most impressive and sophisticated systems globally. Our state-of-the-art system can deliver automated journey reports, live geolocations for vehicles, detailed driver logs and even send you an alert if any vehicle in your fleet is speeding. Despite all of this technology, our platform remains easy and intuitive to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Using RAM Tracking you can find out everything you need to know about your company car fleet in seconds. Whether you want to know where they are, how long the cars are been idle, what routes they've taken and even their average speed. All of this data can then be used to make informed business decisions to improve profitability and driver safety.

Reduce costs with a car GPS tracker

  • Owning and managing a company car fleet can be an expensive and challenging task to take on. Business owners regularly speak to our team about not having enough time to file mileage reports or manage fuel expenses. Using a GPS vehicle tracking system like RAM Tracking, these challenges are immediately dealt with.
  • Many RAM Tracking customers use their trackers to identify drivers who might be making inefficient journeys or speeding on highways. Increased mileage and speed that is unplanned (and unknown) can shorten the lifespan of a vehicle making it more costly and harder to service, repair and ultimately, resell.
  • GPS tracking can also help reduce costs by improving productivity. Generating insightful data about times of arrival, what routes are taken and speed allows many of our customers to find new ways to be more effective and productive. Whether that means planning more fuel efficient journeys or targeting staff to be more productive and successful throughout the day, RAM Tracking can save Canadian businesses thousands in cash every year. Our 5,000 clients worldwide have seen increases of 10-20% productivity by using our vehicle trackers alone.

Save time with RAM Tracking

It is isn't just money that the RAM Tracking GPS car tracking system can save, but time too. Because everything generated from our system is digital, this means you can eradicate paperwork overnight. Time previously spent checking expense reports, trawling through mileage logs and manually entering journey information into your computer can be better spent on useful tasks. RAM Tracking's automated reporting suite allows its users to generate reports for their entire in a matter of seconds.

Theft prevention & recovery

Our GPS car trackers can help recover your car if it has been stolen. Our app and online system have been used to help recover a stolen company car in less than an hour, allowing the law enforcement agencies to find and catch the perpetrators and return the vehicle unharmed. GPS car tracking can help you, the business owner, have peace of mind that your vehicles are always protected and their location known at all times.