Why use car tracking?

By using RAM Tracking's automated company car tracking systems, you will receive comprehensive reporting on aspects of your business that you would like to have better visibility over, whether it be your vehicles or your employees. Vehicle tracking costs outline the small outlay required to have complete visibility of your company cars.

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GPS trackers for cars

Through the use of our advanced car tracking systems, gaining insights and keeping track of your company cars is easier than ever. You can look into your employee efficiency and productivity throughout the day, including how cost-effective they are being with their fuel.

There is 100% automation when you are using our car tracking systems; so all you have to do is let us know the information that you're most interested in, and we do the rest. 

Ultimately, RAM Tracking will help reduce your admin time which leads to improved efficiency for your fleet manager and management team. In the long run, this saves your business money, and you will only feel the benefits more and more as time goes on.

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Who utilizes car tracking?

RAM Tracking is used by a wide variety of companies from a range of different industries. If a company:

  • Provides their employee with company cars. 
  • Have employees that are using their vehicle as part of a grey fleet.
  • The company is paying for any fuel. 

It is in the company's best interest to understand where the vehicle is in real-time, how often the vehicle is refueling and instances of poor driver behavior, so they can understand if the fuel being used is being wasted or if it is being utilized properly.

Our car tracking system allows you to gain insights into your car usage, things like; fuel wastage, driver behavior, idle time, and much more. We have ensured that our app provides you with a range of reports that provide you with a variety of information so you can utilize each report when you need them most. These reports come together to not only save you time but money as well.

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Key Features


Car tracking systems give you the real-time location of your fleet of cars whilst providing you actionable data through the web app or mobile app with ease.


Proactively optimize your drivers' routes through the use of our route replay function. You can find ways to make them travel a shorter route to help save money over time.


The RAM Tracking system is a fantastic way to help improve your drivers' overall efficiency and productivity. Things like poor driver behavior leads to more fuel being used - find these points and take action to save time and money.


You can make informed decisions which allows you to find areas of improvement so you can coach your drivers on idling issues. Our users save, on average, CA$500 per vehicle, per month.

Car Tracking FAQs

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