By RAM Tracking on 13 Apr 2023

GPS trackers are compact and easily transportable devices that enable you to track and locate your vehicles, providing you with instant access to valuable location, speed, and direction data. These devices offer a range of features that are incredibly useful for vehicle owners and fleet managers alike. By utilizing a GPS tracker, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you can easily monitor a vehicle's location, even when you’re not present. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to keep track of their fleet vehicles or individuals who want to keep tabs on their cars' whereabouts.

How to track a vehicle

To track a vehicle, you need a GPS tracking device and a way to access the tracking data. Here are the steps to track a vehicle using a RAM Tracking GPS tracking device:

  1. Choose a GPS tracking device: There are various types of GPS tracking devices available here at RAM Tracking, including battery topper trackers, OBD port and waterproof devices.
  2. Install the GPS tracking device: Our tracker installation is part of the price, and our expert engineers ensure that the devices are installed discreetly and work accurately from day one. To avoid disrupting your schedule, we can set up your vehicle tracking devices at a place and time of your choosing.
  3. Access the tracking data: After activation, you can access the tracking data using the RAM Tracking app. You will be able to see the vehicle's location, speed, idle time, and direction in real-time or near real-time.
  4. Use the tracking data: With access to the tracking data, you can monitor the vehicle's location and use the information for various purposes, such as improving route planning, monitoring driver behavior, or recovering a stolen vehicle.

How can I track my vehicle?

With RAM Tracking’s mobile app, you can track exactly where your vehicle is, efficiently plan journeys, automate reports to access information quickly and much more.

Why use the RAM Tracking app?

  • Look into the comings and goings of your fleet quickly and easily
  • Biometric log-in allows you to get access to information in seconds
  • Track not only single drivers but also the entire fleet through various reports for a more in-depth understanding of your driver's day

Not only does our app make it easier to locate your vehicle no matter how far you are from it, but the app is designed to provide you with a wealth of data and insights about your vehicles, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. You have access to an impressive amount of data, from real-time location tracking to detailed reports on your vehicle's performance and usage.

How does a car tracker work?

A tracking device is a small device that can be put in your car, it helps you know where your car is at all times. The device uses something called GPS, which works by using a network of satellites to determine the exact location of the device. The GPS receiver inside the tracking device receives signals from at least four GPS satellites and uses the time difference between the signals to calculate the distance to each satellite. By dividing these distances, the device can determine the exact location of the vehicle.

Our trackers come with additional features like geofencing, which allows you to set up virtual boundaries around specific areas, such as your home or work location, and receive notifications if the vehicle enters or leaves these areas. We also offer alerts for things like excessive speeding or sudden changes in direction, which can be useful for monitoring driver behaviour and identifying potential safety issues.

How to track your car if it's stolen

If your car is stolen and you have a tracking device installed, here are the steps you can take to track it:

  1. Contact the police: The first thing you should do is contact the police and report the theft. Provide them with the make and model of your car, along with the tracking device information, including the device ID and your RAM Tracking login details.
  2. Monitor the tracker: Once you have logged in, you can monitor the location of your car using the tracking platform or app. Keep an eye on the location of your car and provide this information to the police.
  3. Work with the police: Work closely with the police and provide them with regular updates on the location of your car. They will use this information to track down the thieves and recover your vehicle.
  4. Recover your car: Once the police have located your car, they will take appropriate action to recover it. Be sure to follow their instructions and work with them to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

It's important to note that while a tracking device can be a valuable tool in recovering a stolen vehicle, it is not a fool proof solution. Thieves may attempt to disable or remove the device, so it's important to take additional measures, such as using a steering wheel lock, to deter theft and protect your vehicle.

What have we learned?

GPS tracking devices are a highly useful tool for vehicle owners and fleet managers. With RAM Tracking's GPS tracking devices and mobile app, you can easily monitor your vehicles' locations, speed, and direction in real-time or near real-time, and use this information to improve route planning, monitor driver behavior, and recover stolen vehicles. The RAM Tracking app provides you with a wealth of data and insights about your vehicles, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

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