By RAM Tracking on 2 Jul 2019

Your business depends on fleet management software to keep the vehicles moving that deliver people and goods where they need to be, when they’re expected. And if yours is a smaller business, your fleet management needs are as critical as they are to your larger counterparts, but you’ve got fewer resources to devote to those needs. This means you need fleet management software with features that address the needs and unique characteristics of your smaller business.


Fleet Maintenance Software for Your Smaller Business: 5 Must-Have Features


You have multiple options when considering fleet management software. However, there are five features you should consider minimum requirements if yours is a smaller business.


Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking. This is one prerequisite equally critical to every business, whatever its size. GPS is the de facto standard for location and vehicle tracking in countries around the world. It is well understood, broadly deployed, and compatible with affordable vehicle tracking devices and systems from multiple providers.


Simplicity. Your business likely does not have a fleet management software expert on staff, nor budget to recruit, hire, and retain one. This means you need fleet management software that is simple to operate, even for those with no previous fleet management expertise. Training should be included at no additional cost to your business as well.


Compatibility. You need fleet management software that supports all popular GPS tracking devices and all types of devices used to access the software. You want to avoid the need to acquire and download specialized software for every type of connected device, which means you want a web-based solution accessible from any browser.


Flexibility. You need fleet management software that responds and adapts to your business needs quickly and easily. Your chosen solution should import multiple user locations automatically, include points of interest and support easy customization of that list, and make it easy to create and share reports on demand and via email.


Economy. Your chosen fleet management software solution can’t break the bank. It’s got to produce savings and efficiencies greater than what it costs and requires to acquire, operate, and maintain. This means you need complete, accurate cost information about that software, including any maintenance or upgrade costs after the initial purchase. Ideally, you should receive functional system upgrades at no additional cost.


Reliability. Your fleet management software has got to deliver clear, credible business benefits, immediately and in the future. This means your fleet management software should come from a proven, stable provider who is committed to their business and yours for the long term.


Your Fleet Management Solution: More Than Software


Of course, you need more than vehicles and software to achieve true, effective fleet management. You need clear, well-documented policies. (See “Why Your Business Needs a Company Vehicle Policy.”) And you probably need a fleet administrator as well. (See “Do You Need a Fleet Administrator?)


The good news is, you can get started on your journey toward effective fleet management without having to acquire or develop all of these resources “from scratch.” The right partner can provide whatever elements you’re missing, up to fully featured fleet management as a service. So you have no excuse not to get started, no matter how small your business or your fleet.


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