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Fleet management can be resource-intensive for fleet managers. Knowing the location and managing the activity of an entire fleet of vehicles in real-time is extremely time-consuming. Making sense of any data gathered, and using it to plan future operations is another job in itself.

Fortunately, RAM Tracking’s fleet tracking software is here to help businesses improve efficiency and productivity whilst saving money too. The RAM Assist Fleet Management App from RAM Tracking eliminates paperwork and keeps all fleet documents in one safe place. 

An engineer working through his fleet management paperwork.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is an overall term for the looking after of vehicles within a business. Everything from purchasing of new vehicles to the removal of old vehicles and everything else inbetween. Even the smallest of businesses will have an element of fleet management as in order to keep the vehicle on the road, and compliant with laws, certain processes must be completed.

  • Fleet management purchasing: Some companies including the manufacturers themsleves have a dedicated processes to help large fleets with purchasing/hiring of the fleet.
  • Fleet management maintenaince: This is really to ensure that vehicles are looked after and are safe/road worthy for the workforce to use.
  • Fleet optimization: This is to assist with maintenance and to help minimize ongoing costs as well as make businesses more productive.

Man on a tablet is carrying out a vehicle check on a grey car. In the bottom right corner, there is an iPhone showing an example of the vehicle check

Fleet maintenance software

Before you can move towards an online fleet management system, the first step is arguably the purchasing of vehicles with companies that specialize in the acquisition of vehicles for your fleet at the best rates, keeping your overheads as low as possible.

The most frequently used part of our online fleet management system helps to cover fleet maintenance simply and effectively as drivers are asked to carry out a daily circle check.

This not only ensures that you are following regulations, but additionally, you can catch any maintenance issues which may make the vehicle unworthy for driving (based on the standards set out by the manufacturer for that make and model of vehicle). This feature as part of the fleet management system sends digitized information directly to the vehicle fleet manager, removing the need for stored paperwork being lost or forgotten as a thing of the past. The main areas which should be covered by a daily circle check are:

  • Lights and horn.
  • Mirrors, glass and wipers.
  • Tyres and brakes.
  • Body work. (including the exhaust)
  • Fluids, fuel and oil.

Man with van using fleet tracking software.

Fleet management system benefits

Historic daily circle checks can be accessed to also see if a vehicle:

  • Seems to be deteriorating at a faster rate than other vehicles.
  • Having recurrent problems.

These types of issues, within a web-based fleet maintenance software solution, can be reviewed and dealt with in order to minimize the number of vehicles that are off the road at any one time as well as planned maintenance which avoids longer time off the road if a fault was to cause a breakdown. 

You can then create a simplified workflow off the back of the data to generate a plan to schedule maintenance which will be most suited to limit the disruption to your fleet. This can all be done, with ease, by utilizing fleet monitoring software.

Our breakdown notification feature gives the driver the opportunity to inform the vehicle fleet manager instantly if things don't quite go to plan and an unexpected issue arises from the vehicle in question whilst on the way to or from a job. The processes in place within the fleet management software will ensure that the breakdown services deal with the problem swiftly and that your vehicle will get back on the road as soon as possible.


Image of a woman pumping gas.

Fleet fuel management

The price of fuel worldwide has seen meteoric rises in the past year, so the importance of fuel management for your fleet has never been more important. By utilizing our fleet management system, your drivers can quickly and conveniently upload their fuel receipts instantly which updates the vehicle fleet manager on the amount of fuel each driver is purchasing via the business, an important aspect as they need to know if it is more than the miles that the driver is covering. But additionally, these costs are updated along with the mileage and the routes can be recorded, this is where you can look into where significant savings can be made. 

  • Driver idling: Are drivers harshly braking and rapidly accelerating? Extreme driving behavior can be monitored, scrutinized and then corrected by coaching the driver.
  • Point scoring with fleet mangement: Drivers who have good driving habits can be rewarded whilst those with negative behavior behind the wheel can be re-educated to help reduce costs by saving fuel
  • Route optimization: From ensuring that the engine is not as labored to reducing the number of times that you run into traffic, your vehicle fleet manager can help with the fleet fuel management to ensure that you are maximizing fuel usage throughout your fleet.

Image of a van driver adhering to his schedule with fleet tracking.

Streamlining with fleet management optimization

By having all of your fleet vehicles tracked on the map, it is easier than ever to see just how your fleet's jobs are progressing and where your workforce is in relation to new jobs that arise throughout the day.

If an urgent job was to arise you can quickly assign the closest member of staff that is available to go deal with the new job as quickly as possible.

If a breakdown was to occur, drivers that are in close proximity to them are able to pick up the slack helping to smooth over jobs that are beginning to run behind schedule.

Customers have often commented on the streamlining the fleet management software provides to them, allowing them to get more done in the day.

  • Increased communication and ability to see the workforce on a map which has helped them recognize the best areas to increase the volume of work.
  • The efficiencies that are made through route optimization and simple job assignment has allowed additional jobs to be completed seamlessly.

This is all because the vehicle fleet manager is able to see the most convenient areas for additional workload whilst utilizing the fleet monitoring software.

Two cars in a car crash.

Fleet management solutions - accident management

Fleet management software will be your best friend in the event of an accident. 

Our system allows the driver to quickly inform the vehicle fleet manager of the problem. This is a detailed accident report, as the driver can either write or vocalize the events by recording a voice note of the incident after it has transpired. This is essential for recalling what happened and just who is at fault for the accident. 

  • The fleet management system can log any witnesses to the accident with ease which helps to provide more information to the insurance company.
  • Our dash cam options also give you additional protection and provides evidence in the event of a dispute once the accident has been logged via the system and recovery support has been sent out. This can also lead to lower insurance costs through FNOL (first notification of loss)
  • Alongside being tracked to monitor their performance, the vehicles are also, of course, being tracked in the event of a vehicle within the fleet being stolen. The vehicle fleet manager can set it up so they receive notifications if an engine is turned on. If the vehicle is being used outside of work hours, this is cause to alert the authorities.
  • Thanks to the vehicles being tracked, you can look in the web based fleet maintenance software and even provide the authorities with the exact location of your vehicles. This significantly increases the likelihood of it being recovered in the event of it being stolen
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