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Site Based Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking as a whole can help businesses monitor the use of vehicles on a day-to-day basis. If you run a site based company where vehicles are used to and from sites, it is essential to have a vehicle tracking system in place which can help identify when your workforce are on site. More often than not, you are also working in conjunction with other contractors so the work you carry out will impact others.

By using RAM Tracking's award-winning vehicle tracking system, you can position yourself to be a reputable partner by ensuring your workforce is onsite when they should be, ensuring jobs aren't running over and impacting the bottomline for yourself and others.

Roofer attaching red tiles to a slanted roof


Builders and contractors work with tight (sometimes seemingly impossible) schedules to satisfy their clients’ expectations. When your roofing company is a member of the team, your workers and materials must arrive on-time and be ready to complete their portion of every project, quickly, safely and efficiently.

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Two workers wearing hi-vis jackets and hard hats


Construction projects have many moving parts, so it’s critical you are able to manage all your vehicular and equipment assets. Place a RAM Tracking GPS tracking device in every truck, backhoe, loader, etc. and you’ll know everything about their movements and locations.

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Electrician plugging in red wire


As an electrical contractor, you must manage the movement of your trucks and equipment, efficiently and accurately. Adding RAM Tracking’s GPS device to every vehicle can give you the competitive advantage to accept more jobs, complete them on time and on budget and boost your reputation to attract a growing list of happy customers.

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Plumber's tools laid out on the floor whilst he works


When customers call you, they want a speedy and efficient solution of their problems – there is a leak, a break or a total loss of service. To deliver on their expectations, you must first have complete control of your fleet, equipment and personnel assets. You can rely on RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking device, software and dashboard to give you that control just as much as your customers rely on you to put their households and businesses back in order.

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Landscaper laying a roll of grass


The Canadian growing season is short, so every landscaping customer expects on-time deliveries and highly productive crews completing projects quickly and efficiently. You can make more customers happy and serve more of them when you have optimal control of the movement of your landscaping trucks, equipment and crews. You can carry that control with you wherever you go with a RAM Tracking’s GPS device in every vehicle and the app on your phone.

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Two workers wearing hard hats on scaffolding


In most cases, building and other scaffolding-dependent projects can’t proceed until you deliver customers’ orders on time and on budget. It’s a very simple yardstick your customers can use to judge your business. You can position yourself to receive a positive verdict when you rely on RAM Tracking’s GPS tracking system. Manage your fleet assets quickly and easily from our mobile app, giving you 24/7, real-time control of every vehicle and every job.

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