Do dash cams reduce insurance premiums?

The installation of a business dash cam in a vehicle can have many positives for insurance considerations. Insurance companies often view the presence of a dash cam favorably, and in certain cases, it can even result in reduced insurance premiums for businesses. This is primarily due to the potential benefits associated with improved risk assessment and claims resolution.

Insurance companies value dash cams because they provide an objective and unbiased account of events on the road. The footage captured by a dash cam can serve as crucial evidence in determining fault and liability in the event of an accident.

Thinkware dash cam with a collision sticker

Insurance and Disputes

Every fleet manager knows that trying to make an insurance claim can be tough work. The first port of call for an insurer is to figure out who was to blame for the damage incurred as a result of an accident. Unfortunately, in this day and age there are lots of fake whiplash claims, 'crash-for-cash' and insurance fraud scams that can make a claim even more difficult. 

With a number of uninsured drivers on the road potentially crashing and then leaving the scene, it’s never been so important that businesses do everything they can to protect their drivers and assets.

Our professionally fitted business dash cams record video footage in high-definition quality. This allows any recorded clips to be used for potential insurance claims or disputes. All footage recorded by the dash cam can be stamped with date, time and even location for accuracy and authenticity.

Key Features


High-resolution dash cam footage can easily record the registration plate of a vehicle that can then be passed onto the authorities.


Harsh braking to cause a crash or pretending to be hit, dash cam footage can stop these scams and provide valuable evidence.


Dash cams record unbiased and clear evidence to support blame. This footage can prove invaluable for protecting your insurance premiums.


Dash cam footage used in conjunction with vehicle tracking can prove that work was undertaken or that driver conduct was acceptable.


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